Chapters 101 / Prevention & Awareness

You’ve Got Mail

We are coming up on one of my favorite times of the year. This August 16th, we will be gathering as a national staff to pack the medium flat rate boxes that hold hundreds of mental health resources and giveaways and send them off to our chapters. If your chapter gave us a mailing address in the May/June chapter inventory, we’ll be sending you a bunch of stuff to use on informational tables and at meetings and events throughout the year. Oh, and if you raised more than $500 for us last year, we’re throwing in some extras.

Here’s what you can expect in this year’s box:

All of the Buttons

Laugh More, 1 in 4, I’m a Mental Health Advocate, and Stigmafighter – we’re sending you all of your favorite buttons this year. As many as we can fit in the box. And if you were a $500+ fundraiser, you’ll get an extra bag of Stigmafighter buttons as a thank you.

Pocket Guides

We’ve heard that you love our Pocket Guide to Mental Health and Help a Friend Guides, so we’re sending you more bundles of them this year. Extras go to the 100 chapters who came up big for us by raising over $500.

Get Help Postcards

These multi-colored postcards with stick figure characters and great messaging are a perennial favorite and never fail to catch the eye of people passing by.

Stress Less Rip Cards

These were new last year, and you told us people loved them. So, we’re providing them again. This portable resource provides great stress management tips while also letting you rip off the bottom, write a compliment, and hand it off to a friend.

Laugh More Stickers

The Stress Less Week smiley is back again this year with a backing that can be peeled off and kept for great reminders about the ways laughter reduces stress.

Little Reminders

Business-sized cards with bite-sized mental health messages and crisis line information. This little card provides a ton of info with the bonus of being able to fit in a pocket or wallet.

National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) Resources

This year, we’ve developed a partnership with NEDA for our Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign. We will all be participating together in their NEDAwareness Week each February, and we’re sending you all the resource you’ll need for your tabling efforts. Huge thanks to NEDA for the extra supplies!

We’re looking forward to packing up your kit and getting it out to you soon. Be on the lookout for it the week of August 21st!