Student Stories

You are Enough

My time at Active Minds will be an experience I will truly treasure and remember. I can’t express how thankful I am for the individuals I was able to encounter, as well as the lessons I learned through hard-work and making mistakes. Yes, an internship is meant to provide you with experiences that shape your professionalism; however, I have gained much more than that interning here. I have gained self deserving love on who I am and what makes me, me. I have gained how important it is to speak up for those that are too afraid to speak for themselves. But most importantly, I have gained more insight on why I chose this internship from other offers. At the beginning, I asked for multiple signs on why I decided what I did. Well after months of being here, here it is:

Growing up I was afraid of many things, especially when I first moved to this country. As time progressed, things were just not right at the schools I attended. Nowadays, many members of society find it okay to judge others based on what makes them different, like their ethnicity, sexual orientation  , and even for not having the ability to speak English. That is solely what happened to me for and endless amount of years. I don’t necessarily like to talk about my experiences being bullied for years, but now that I am a rising senior I just have found all the patience and courage to care less and less. Especially through wonderful souls that have reminded me from time to time that I do matter.

Growing up I battled a handful of mental illnesses as a child, and I bottled every single one inside until I became numb of it all. It became to a point that all the numbness led to me visualize and crave dark actions. As I am better now, I remind myself of all those thought and tries, and apply it by reminding myself why I have to succeed. Yes, I must succeed for make those that cherish me proud; but, I must also succeed to tell that old me that I was meant to continue and follow a path of clarity. Nevertheless Active Minds, you have shown me, through this internship, how far I have come in life. I was born and raised in the country of El Salvador, so I never dreamed big, or thought I would be where I am today. And as today was my last day, I wanted to say thank you Active Minds. Thank you for showing me of how I have risen from nothing into something, for using my skills to further continue the organization’s mission in changing every conversation about mental health, and for letting me gain self deserving love. Let this not be my last note to you, but as an intern, this is me saying goodbye.

If you are struggling, let that person that loves you most listen. They will believe you and have plenty of courage for the both of you. Be as clear as possible, because they do care. You are loved.
You are adored. You are treasured. You are ENOUGH.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800- 273-8255