Prevention & Awareness

What Can You As a Parent Do?

Check out our new checklist, created especially for parents of high school seniors and those with students already in college.

The dream? That every parent gets a copy of Your Student at College: A Mental Health Checklist and takes the tips to heart!

Share the checklist with all the parents you know. Each of the seven illustrated tips provides examples of how parents can empower their student to successfully navigate the unfamiliar waters of college life. The checklist’s premise is that awareness, support, and open lines of communication — with parents, teachers, coaches, and friends — go a long way toward making sure no student struggles alone.

Your Student at College was written by Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, PhD, a psychiatry instructor at Harvard Medical School and the newest member of the Active Minds National Advisory Committee.

Our thanks to Dr. Pinder-Amaker and also to Evey Cahall for her original illustrations.

Download the checklist (PDF) »