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What Are We Up to in California?!

Here’s the deal.

Back in 2015, Active Minds was selected by the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), a coalition of California counties, to promote and pilot innovative mental health programming among students throughout the state. With that, Active Minds became part of Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement. Each Mind Matters and CalMHSA represent the biggest partnership of Active Minds’ organizational history, and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of this movement.

As a result of our unique work with CalMHSA (California counties), we have been very busy over here in the Golden State. Just to name a few of our exciting projects over the past two years…

  • We hosted the first ever Active Minds Mental Health Policy Day, in partnership with all three systems of higher education: Universities of California, California Community Colleges, and California State Universities
  • Send Silence Packing  has toured the state three times in the last two years, and we’re gearing up for a fourth tour this coming spring
  • Active Minds collaborated with the RAND Corporation to conduct a longitudinal study about the impact of student-powered advocacy work on students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors around mental health with over 1,000 students in California
  • National Staff brought the whole Active Minds National Conference to California – Twice!
    • 2015 at UC Irvine, and 2016 at Sacramento State

And, most notably, about 40 Active Minds student leaders worked closely with me (Hi! I’m Becky, California Statewide Program Manager, Active Minds National Staff) to plan and implement programming on their campuses intended to reach diverse populations of students.

Well, thanks to these 40 Active Minds leaders at campuses throughout the state, we met and exceeded our CalMHSA goals last year, and they invited us to continue our work here in California through the 2017-2018 school year. We’re calling on student advocates throughout the state to join our efforts (you do not have to have a current Active Minds chapter)!

Are you a student in California?

Check out the benefits of involvement and consider applying by clicking here! Ready to apply? Get started >> 

Hey, what about the rest of the Active Minds network?!

Glad you asked! The work that Active Minds (and all of the Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement partners, for that matter) is doing here in California is beneficial writ large. With this unique investment in mental health in general, and specifically in Prevention and Early Intervention (aka PEI), California is paving a path for other states, private funders, and other Active Minds chapters to learn and grow from both the successes, and the lessons learned. Materials created, programs designed, and evaluation conducted positively ripples through the rest of the country, and Active Minds network.

Feeling inspired to advocate for similar county-level investment in your home state? Feel free to call your state representatives, and let them know that you’ve noticed what California is doing, and you see that it pays off to invest in mental health prevention and early intervention!