Victoria is Ready to Take on the World

Students who lead Active Minds chapters are among the best and the brightest on college campuses. They are part of a new generation that is speaking openly, acting courageously, and changing the conversation around mental health.
Case in point — Victoria Pae, outgoing president of the Active Minds chapter at Boston University, who inspires us in so many ways. Read her story below!

During freshman year at Boston University, I wouldn’t admit I had a problem. Everyone else seemed to have it together. I kept telling myself it was all in my head, to just get over it.

And then I found Active Minds.

It was through the BU chapter that I realized it’s ok to ask for help. Because of Active Minds, I ended up getting support for the anxiety I was battling. The chapter members there never judged me; they strengthened me with hope.

Active Minds at Boston University

By senior year, I became president of the chapter. We were very active in trying to make BU a better place for all students. I worked with the administration on university-wide reform efforts to reduce the stigma around mental illness and also agitated for more counseling resources.

It’s funny, looking back, how I went from not wanting to admit any mental illness — not even to myself!— to becoming a student leader and frequently being interviewed in newspapers about the need to be open about it.

This past Sunday was BU’s graduation. I wore a blue and green Active Minds graduation cord with my red cap and gown — Active Minds and my college experience all tied together. Next month, I start a full-time job with a Boston-area hospital.

While I know there’ll be challenges ahead, I also know I’ll be able to handle them. I’m ready to take on whatever the world has in store.

My one wish? That every student, at every college, could have Active Minds there to provide support and opportunity — like it did for me.

— Victoria

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