The Active Minds GIF Guide to Surviving Finals


It’s Stress Less Week! Today’s post kicks off a week-long series on stress and anxiety management. First things first…

So finals are coming up.

And it’s time to start studying.

But you might not know where to begin.

First things first…



Because once you start, you’ll get on a roll.

First, find a comfortable place to work.

Open up a window to get some fresh air.

Stay energized by eating plenty of brain food.

Occasionally indulge in something sweet.

Because getting hangry will only make things worse.

Oh, and stay hydrated.

Not just coffee.

Water too.

Every so often, get up and move.

You’ll have to embrace some technological glitches.

They WILL happen.

But don’t get discouraged.

Just improvise when necessary.

Whatever you do…

Do not start watching Netflix.

Because, before you know it, six hours will have passed.

So stay on track.

And get pumped!

The end of the semester is in sight.

You got this.

Know why?