May Chapter of the Month: University of Pennsylvania



Congratulations to the chapter of the month, Active Minds at the University of Pennsylvania. Active Minds’ founding chapter has done an impeccable job at raising funds and awareness for mental health this year!

At the beginning of this semester, Active Minds at the University of Pennsylvania held an event called ‘Push Against Stigma’. Students recruited sponsors to participate in a push-up contest to raise money and promote conversation about mental health. This chapter awarded gift cards to the winners of the three different categories: most push-ups, most sponsors, and most money raised. The Krispy Kreme fundraiser allowed Penn students to have something that most college students want-pre-ordered food. A portion of the proceeds went to Active Minds.

Separately, the chapter also hosted a Krispy Kreme fundraiser to provide students with that they want most: pre-ordered food! The chapter donated a portion of the proceeds to Active Minds, Inc. All told, the chapter has raised $1,000 so far for Active Minds, Inc. and mental health awareness!

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ICYMI: Active Minds Featured in The New York Times


Kathryn speaks at an Active Minds meeting at Penn. Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

Active Minds believes deeply in helping students find their voice and share their story. We are incredibly proud to have Active Minds chapter leader and former intern, Kathryn, bravely sharing hers in this The New York Times article on campus suicide.

** Please note, this piece discusses means of suicide and may be triggering. **

Although stress and mental health problems are certainly prevalent at Ivy League schools, they are by no means exclusive to elite institutions. Active Minds is proud to support chapters on more than 400 diverse campuses, of every type, across the country.

Check out the article and let us know what you think!