Why You Should Take Active Minds’ First Online Course


Transform You|Transform Your Campus is Active Minds, Inc.’s first online course! In six weeks, with small commitments each week, you can enhance your leadership skills exponentially for years to come.

The first course convenes on January 25, 2016. Chapter members and non-chapter student leaders can find out more and register at www.ActiveMinds.org/TYTYC.

Since we’re all a little new to this, we thought we’d let you know why joining one of our Spring 2016 cohorts is worth your time.

Get In on the Ground Floor
You would be the first of all the cohorts of Active Minds leaders to participate. You would literally be making history.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Transform Your Campus Today


In September, Active Minds announced our newest program, Transform Your Campus,  which teaches students how to create structural and policy change on their campuses. Wondering why you should transform your campus? We’re glad you asked. Here are 6 reasons:

1. Make education more widespread.
Ever wonder why there isn’t more mental health crisis information on the back of your ID card? Ever wish your professor would directly address what accommodations you could seek for depression or severe test anxiety in their syllabus? You can make those changes. Chapters across the country have worked to get crisis numbers and mental health information printed on the backs of ID cards and incorporated into the standard syllabus. You can, too!

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9 Ways to Kick Start Your Fall Semester as an Active Minds Chapter


Active Minds Back to School Chapter Tips

September is almost here and that means we’re in Back-to-School mode! To help your chapter hit the ground running we’ve put together some steps you can take to get ready for the semester:

1. Is your chapter feeling TRANSFORMative? Plan a mental health advocacy campaign. Take a look at our brand new Transform Your Campus toolkit with helpful templates and tips for creating institutional and policy change on your campus, like getting crisis hotline information added to the back of every student ID.

2. Check out our improved fundraising resources, including the Miles in Our Shoeswalk/run/ride kit, a checklist for selling raffle tickets on campus, and new and improved guides for online fundraising.

3. Let others know why you speak about suicide and mental illness during Suicide Prevention Month. Share a post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr with#ReasonsISpeak and the reasons you combat the silence surrounding suicide and mental illness.

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The Wait is Over: Introducing Transform Your Campus


Blaze a trail

A social movement usually starts with a seemingly simple idea fueled by passion and a steadfast belief in the power of small shifts to make big change. That is the origin story of Active Minds and the spirit of our chapters, which makes up the driving force of this movement of compassionate advocacy.

Last year, 41 Active Minds chapters reported participating in institutional change efforts. These efforts included having mental health crisis resources printed on ID cards, ensuring suicide prevention training for faculty, and expanding access to counseling services. These chapters are augmenting their awareness efforts by working with other student organizations and campus administrators to change the policies and procedures that regulate the campus mental health climate.

Drawing on the ingenuity of our student leaders, the expertise of campus administrators, and the expansive skill sets of Active Minds staff members, we are launching a new program that puts all necessary resources into the hands of students to make change.

We are helping students transform their campuses.

Transform Your Campus is an all-inclusive set of resources designed to take student leaders of any experience level through all of the steps they may encounter in their advocacy campaign.

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