Mental Health News Round-Up: May 29


14 Common Misconceptions About People Who Go to Therapy

How does stigma affect people’s willingness to say the words “I go to therapy”? This author debunks 14 popular misconceptions to encourage more people to seek treatment.

Beautiful Train Music Video Honors Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness

Train releases their music video for Give It All blending the power of dance and music to express loss and encourage those who are struggling to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine at 1 (800) 273-8255.

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Stress Less Week: Download These Mental Health Apps Today


mental-health-apps-SFWADDealing with a specific mental health issue? Anxious at work? Just feeling more down than usual? There’s an app for that!

Thanks to Active Minds at the University of Rochester for putting together this extensive list of mental health-related mobile apps. Refer back to this list whenever life gets tough!

Reminder: These apps are not substitutes for clinical assistance. If you’re feeling suicidal or are experiencing a mental health emergency, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-TALK. 

Anxiety and Stress

  • Beat Panic
  • Beat Social Phobia (iTunes/Android)
  • BellyBio Interactive Breathing
  • BioZen
  • iStress
  • Worry Box- Anxiety Self Help
  • Stop Panic & Anxiety Self Help
  • SAM – Self Help for Anxiety Management
  • Panic Aid

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Stress Less, Talk More, Change a Life


TTA_logoAs we begin preparing for final exams and end-of year activities, learning about stress reduction techniques can have a positive impact on our mental health. Now, during Stress Less Week, there’s a fun and innovative way to get your campus talking about mental health and stress management: Text, Talk, Act.

Text, Talk, Act uses text messaging to facilitate a face-to-face conversation on mental health and stress reduction techniques. On April 14th, gather participants in small groups (3-4 people) with one cell phone per group. Text START to the number 89800 to receive a series of text messages that will guide the group through a conversation on mental health: why it is important, how to care for it, and how to help a friend in need. Groups will also talk about ways to reduce stress and receive resources for more information.

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Stress Less Week: 3 Relaxation Apps You Should Download Today


Welcome to the Winter 2014 Stress Less Week blog series! Learn more about how to host a Stress Less event on your campus.


Lately, I’ve become a big fan of relaxation apps. Whether I’m taking a 10 minute stress break at the national office, commuting home on the metro or walking my dog, I love stealing a few moments to unwind and re-center.

Mindfulness and meditation apps are very in right now, so this list is by no means exhaustive. Here are my four favorite relaxation apps — I challenge you to try them (or download others!) and prioritize self-care during the stressful season of finals.

Happy relaxing, friends!

1. Stop, Breathe & Think

This one is my favorite. You start by doing a doing a 10-second relaxation check-in: the screen dims and you’re prompted to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and think about how your body and mind feel.

You then answer a few questions on how you’re feeling mentally and physically. The app gives you several dozen adjectives to choose from — are you feeling fulfilled? Relieved? Open-hearted? Disconnected? Conflicted? Powerless? Pessimistic? — so it forces you to really examine what’s going on in your head and heart.

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