10 Mental Health Resolutions for 2016


Everyone has different opinions about the New Year. Some people think it is a fresh start, a new chapter, a time to reflect on life. But others may find the new year hard, like a reminder of past failures or “just another day.” As 2016 starts, it’s no doubt that we will be inundated with people’s new resolutions for what the new year will bring. Too often, these resolutions are focused on things that can be unhelpful- or even harmful- to one’s mental health. So here are 10 resolutions for 2016 that have potential to help your mental health.

1. Make time for real self-care.

NY Resolutions #1 FB

I’m not talking about the frilly self-care that is all over the internet (which is still important- do those things too!) I’m speaking to truly taking care of your whole being: getting enough sleep, fueling your body with food, drinking more water, going outside, taking your medication, whatever entails wellness for you.

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10 Holiday Survival Tips from the Active Minds Speakers Bureau



What is it about the holiday season that stresses us out? The six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can seem like the longest, most angst-filled time of the whole year, even though the days are short!

Even if you don’t ordinarily experience anxiety, depression, mood swings or other mental health issues, itmay not be uncommon for you to feel a little less grounded at the end of the year. And if you are dealing with a disorder, the symptoms may be magnified right about now. If so, read on.

You may already have some coping mechanisms in place for when you feel anxious; however, as a small holiday gift, the Active Minds speakers would like to offer you some of their own tips for surviving the holidays with good mental (and physical) health intact.

Frank Warren: “My one tip for stress reduction is exercise. I feel like I get similar benefits of relaxation and focus from endurance exercise as others might get from meditation or yoga. My favorite workouts are spinning, pool laps and kicking. Don’t forget to hydrate—coconut water, protein drinks and even plain tap water are my go-tos.”

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5 Tips to Get You Ready for the Fall Semester


A new school year is upon us, and we’re pretty excited. To help you get ready for the semester, we’ve put together five tips that you can use to have a great start to the year.

  1. Relax.

Starting a new year back at school can be exciting, but with new classes, adjusting to campus life and getting back on a schedule, the new school year can also bring stress.  When your brain gets stress, your body experiences stress as well. It begins to release chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol, which really takes a toll on your body. Make sure to carve out some quiet time in your day–read, go for a walk, listen to a guided meditation–do something that makes you slow down and calms your mind.  Your body will thank you.

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15 Autumn Wellness Tips to Keep You Healthy This Fall


autumn wellness FBThe transition from summer to fall can be a challenge. To help ease the change, we have put together 15 Autumn Wellness Tips to get you ready for the colder months and keep your mental (and physical!) health in check.

Start taking a Vitamin D supplement. We get most of our Vitamin D from the sun, so our intake decreases when the weather is colder since we spend most of our time inside during the fall/winter seasons. If you find you are not getting outside much, a Vitamin D supplement can boost your mood and immune system!

Take some time to yourself. Autumn and winter are the Earth’s way of telling us to slow down. Start a journal or track your moods to get more in touch with how your feeling.

Get your flu shot and yearly check-up. Self explanatory! No one likes sniffling and aching and sneezing and coughing getting in the way of life. Yuck.

You don’t want to be Sicky Vicky

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7 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Summer Break


For some people, summer means fun in the sun, outdoor barbecues, far-away vacations, no homework, and plenty of time to relax. But for many other people — especially students — summer can be an extremely stressful time of transition.

At college, students have their friends, classes, extracurricular activities, and other things keeping them constantly busy. When summer hits, it can feel like a loss of purpose, and for students with mental health issues, it can be detrimental to recovery.

Students can often feel like a fish out of water.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to take care of your mental health and what you can do during summer break.

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9 Tips to Help Support a Friend with Mental Illness


Supporting a friend with a mental health issue or in a stressful situation can be difficult. Here are 9 simple tips that will help get the conversation started. Read more about how to help a friend.

  1. Choose a suitable time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.52.15 PM

2. Plan out your message in advance and make it straightforward.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.54.23 PM

3. Be honest and specific. Your friend will value what you have to say.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.55.53 PM

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Stress Less Week is Coming Up: April 13-17



It’s one of the toughest times of the year: papers and projects are due, you’re running solely on caffeine and there just isn’t enough time for sleep. The good news is you’re not alone: 51 percent of college students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety in the last year.

That’s why Active Minds is hosting Stress Less Week from April 13-17. We’ve developed tons of resources and programs to help you get through your finals to-do list with as little stress as possible. Here are three ways you can participate in Stress Less Week:

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Chapter of the Month: Active Minds at University of Missouri


1234695_730752400311553_4043076828390218079_nCongratulations, Active Minds at the University of Missouri, for being named Chapter of the Month for March! As of January, the university will be printing the campus counseling center’s new 24-hour crisis hotline number on the back of all student ID cards, thanks to the push of Active Minds Mizzou.

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Program Bank Spotlight: iSupport Bracelet Campaign


1962804_748149121863433_2142951318_nHave you heard about Active Minds at UCLA‘s iSupport Bracelet Campaign? Chapter members made and sold friendship bracelets to show love, support and awareness of mental health conditions.

Each bracelet is created with special colors to bring awareness to a different mental health conditions. Students can request and receive a custom-made bracelet supporting a specific condition (or multiple conditions). For example, for students requesting bracelets in support of substance abuse awareness, the chapter members create a bracelet primarily in the color red, the official color for substance abuse awareness.

By selling these bracelets on campus, Active Minds at UCLA is educating its community about mental health and raising funds at the same time — surpassing its fundraising goal of $1,000. Continue Reading

Program Bank Spotlight: Mental Health Wellness Week


10733927_706286976134195_6470171923032618527_oLast semester, Active Minds at the University of Michigan hosted a Mental Health Wellness and Speaker Event. During the event, Active Minds members brainstormed with other students ways in which they can relieve stress throughout the school year and hosted a Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience graduate student speaker, Daniel Porter.

The chapter set out to reach their entire student body by hosting an event on the campus’s most visited area, the Diag, directly in the middle of Central Campus. Continue Reading