Mental Health News Round-Up: August 14


21 Times #TheWorstPartAboutDepressionIs Reminded You That You’re Not Alone

Buzzfeed compiled a list of posts that came the twitter hashtag: #TheWorstPartAboutDepressionIs. As more and more share their experiences of mental health disorders, the message rings true that you are not alone.

Robin Williams, One Year Later: What Will Your Verse Be?

Mental health activist Dese’Rae L. Stage reflects on the media coverage of surrounding Robin William’s death, and lists specific steps so that we can refocus the conversation and efforts on preventing suicide now.

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Mental Health News Round-up: Nov 7


imagesWayne Brady Opens Up About His Depression: ‘I Had a Complete Breakdown’

In a personal interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wayne Brady talks about his battle with depression, the stigma of being perceived as “crazy,” and the impact of Robin Williams’ death. The response to his revelation has been overwhelmingly positive and sparked others to discuss their mental health struggles.

Evidence that Heart Health and Mental Health Are Linked

Research from the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, people with mental health disorders run a higher risks or cardiac issues including heart disease or stroke.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: Sept. 20


Welcome to the mental health news round-up! Each Friday, we’ll bring you recent updates and research from the field. See something we missed? Email

Jordan, pensiveEveryday Discrimination Impacts Mental Health

Researchers at the University of Texas discovered a link between the risk for mental health problems and the type and frequency of discrimination one experiences in the outside world.

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Robin Williams’ Death and How We Can Prevent Suicide


Robin_Williams_2011a_(2)I submitted an op-ed to a couple of sites over the weekend reflecting on the loss of Robin Williams. The article still hasn’t been posted, and I would assume (and have been told) that’s because it was no longer newsworthy.

Four days after his death, it was no longer newsworthy. That’s exactly the issue we cannot stand for any more.

This. Is. Newsworthy. Today, and always.

Since Robin’s suicide, I have been thinking tirelessly about his death, about the suicides of my brother and grandfather, and about the thousands of other suicides I hear about in my work that must be discussed.

Below is the original post I submitted.

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