Stress Less Week: Podcasts to Help You Laugh More


Anyone in the Active Minds National Office will tell you that I’m obsessed with podcasts. It all started several years ago with This American Life and Planet Money and really hit its stride when the first season of Serial emerged.

But, as much as I love the aforementioned podcasts, they can be suspenseful, require specific attention, and even a little stressful. So, I’ve amassed my list of my favorite podcasts that make me laugh and are just all-around entertaining. Do you have a favorite I missed? Tweet it to us @Active_Minds!

1. Dear Sugar Radio

Ok, so this is an advice podcast that can sometimes deal with heavy subjects, BUT who doesn’t want to be saturated with the unique brand of wisdom and love that Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond bring to any conversation? Oh, and yes–I’m talking about that Cheryl Strayed. The author of Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things. I mean, who among us don’t want Cheryl Strayed to be our cool aunt? Continue Reading