Mental Health News Round-Up: August 7


Coffee Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

Moderate coffee drinkers were found to be less likely to develop mild cognitive imperative. Drink up coffee lovers!

Picky Eating in Children Linked to Anxiety, Depression and A.D.H.D.

New research in Pediatrics shows that extremely picky eating during childhood could be indicative of other behavioral health problems in the future. One scientist explains this connection because these youth are more sensitive to their environment and thus more easily affected by outside factors.

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Chapter of the Month: Occidental College


1425555_253282681496020_167931192_nOccidental College has been named Chapter of the Month for May! Their stigma-fighting techniques have caught our eye and we want every chapter to know about them, too.

Active Minds at Occidental College did not rest for a minute this spring semester, working continuously to break the barriers to mental health services on campus.

In addition to leading a diverse panel of 10 students who spoke openly about their mental health issues to a large classroom of peers, the chapter was also recently recognized for their on-campus advocacy for the addition of a peer mentoring program in the counseling center.

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Stress Less Week: Living With Panic Attacks


My name is Sam, and I have an anxiety disorder and OCD.

That simple statement was almost impossible for me to utter to anyone other than my family and close friends until about a year ago. I was afraid to talk to others about my problems and issues for fear of being judged.

Then, about a year ago, I threw all that aside and decided to embark on one of the scariest journeys of my life.

I created a YouTube series about mental illness.

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