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This post was submitted by Melina Acosta, Member of Active Minds Student Advisory Committee and President of Active Minds at UT-San Antonio.

In November 2013, I knew little about mental health aside from the fact that my dad was battling depression. I avoided the topic of suicide on that autumn night when my dad mentioned it because I did not know how to respond. Sensing that it made me uncomfortable, my dad made that the first and last time he ever brought it up.

He died by suicide less than a week later.

I was nearly done with my first semester of college at the time of my dad’s death. That fall, I had gone home every so often to visit my dad, whose second bout of depression had grown increasingly worse over the semester. The man I had known all of my life to be a silly, ambitious, and energetic businessman was suddenly a taciturn, lethargic, and sad stranger. Continue Reading

Mental Health News Round-up: Nov 7


imagesWayne Brady Opens Up About His Depression: ‘I Had a Complete Breakdown’

In a personal interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wayne Brady talks about his battle with depression, the stigma of being perceived as “crazy,” and the impact of Robin Williams’ death. The response to his revelation has been overwhelmingly positive and sparked others to discuss their mental health struggles.

Evidence that Heart Health and Mental Health Are Linked

Research from the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, people with mental health disorders run a higher risks or cardiac issues including heart disease or stroke.

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8 Reasons Why We Love National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Active Minds is #blessed to work with a number of amazing organizations, bothin within and outside of the mental health field. One of our partners is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) — when you call 1-800-273-TALK, you are connected to a trained counselor to talk you though whatever you’re dealing with.

We’re big fans of NSPL. Here are eight reasons why.


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