Emerging Scholars Fellowship: Meet Alfred Delena’s Mentor


Alfred is a researcher in the 2016 class of the Emerging Scholars Fellowship. Read blog updates from Alfred and his fellow scholars here.

Hello… It’s me.

In honor of Leap Day…

I wanted to LEAP forward and tell you about two members of an incredible team of mentors and advisors that I am so grateful to be working with.

It is a true honor to have Corey Keyes as my national mentor. Dr. Keyes is a Professor of Sociology and holds the Winship Distinguished Research Professorship at Emory University. He is a pioneering researcher in the field of positive psychology or the scientific study of CKEYEShuman strength, potential, and flourishing. Stemming from the time of the ancient Greeks, Dr. Keyes’ research has focused on this concept of flourishing—the presence and symptomatology of psychological, social, and emotional well-being. Furthermore, his work highlights the “two continua model” of mental health and mental illness. Continue Reading