Emerging Scholars Fellowship: Let’s Play With Some Data


Matt is a researcher in the 2016 class of the Emerging Scholars Fellowship. Read blog updates from Matt and his fellow scholars here.

pikachuHello readers! I’m gearing up for a summer of reading, writing, and learning about college student mental health.

One of the best ways to learn about something, at least for me, is to just jump right into it and play with it and look at it. Lucky for me, much of the data I’m using for my project is available online to play with. Here’s some of the most interesting findings (in my opinion):

knowledge of services graph

This graph shows knowledge of services (i.e., counseling, hotlines, etc.) vs. where students are living.

Students living on-campus (OnOth, OnRes, Greek) have the highest knowledge of services, while students living off-campus (Off, Fam) have the lowest.Why is this? My guess is that students on-campus are highly exposed to information about resources, while students living off-campus don’t get this information as much.

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Upgrade Your Advocacy: The Healthy Minds Study


When advocating for student mental health on your campus, do you ever feel like something is missing? Like you could convince more people to support the cause if only you had hard cold numbers to support your argument?

Show Me the Data

Don’t worry. We’ve got just what you need: the Healthy Minds Study! Designed specifically for colleges and universities, HMS is an online survey of student mental health, service utilization, and related issues. There are approximately a gazillion ways in which HMS research can help Active Minds chapters but we’ll focus on just a few for now.

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