Chapters: What Does Your Fundraising Money Support?


400pluschaptersThe Active Minds network is growing rapidly! On average, we are opening five new chapters a week and fielding requests from many others working on joining in the near future.

In order to support our increasing number of chapters and expansive programs and ensure the future and success of our mission, we need everyone’s help.

When you support Active Minds, you are helping to bring mental health education, resources and training opportunities to 2.3 million students (and counting!).

Thank you for supporting these life-saving efforts that help change the conversation about mental health across the globe. Check out our new infographic below for more details. Continue Reading

We Want to Send You More #StigmaFighter Swag



Every day, more schools like yours are interested in starting Active Minds chapters. The demand for our programs and services is growing (just last week we registered a new chapter in Cyprus. Yep, Cyprus. The country!) and we are limited only by funds.

To meet the growing demand for more Active Minds chapters, we need everyone’s help. We’re still $47,395 away from our chapter fundraising goal this school year to serve the 2.3 million students (and counting) who depend on our critical mental health education and resources.

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January Chapter of the Month: Active Minds at UCLA


11999046_1061565100521832_7075910831010947224_nThis month we highlight the stunning work of Active Minds at UCLA.  This chapter is one of just six celebrating ten years as a member of the Active Minds chapter network and have shown why they remain strong time and time again. They serve as a model for other chapters in our network and we’re happy to share just a few of the reasons that Active Mind at UCLA is making huge strides in campus mental health work:

 Featured on Buzzfeed:

Did you know that Buzzfeed recently had a Mental Health Week where they featured articles, videos, and stories about what it’s like to live with a mental illness? The Active Minds chapter at UCLA got some serious recognition for the video they created demonstrating What It’s Like to Hear “Just Get Better.” Check it out:

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Fundraising Through Yoga and Celebrating Self-Love

Beats, Pray, Love Yoga Participants

Beats, Pray, Love Yoga Participants

On January 17, Active Minds was honored to be a part of a yoga fundraiser hosted by Annie Shiel, owner of Annie Shiel Yoga. Her Beats, Pray, Love Series was a “self-love” themed flow session, and was set to the live vocals of Kylie Conibear, plus a guided savasana meditation session at the end with Joanna Andreae of Wandering Wellness. It was a relaxing and powerful expression of self-love and focus on positive body image.

Class was free, and donations of $20 were encouraged at the door. All proceeds went to Active Minds, Inc. to support our work on mental health, suicide prevention, body image, and reducing the stigma of mental illness on high school and college campuses. The yoga class raised an amazing $400 through donations at the door! If you missed the event and still want to participate, you can still donate on the event page here: Beats, Pray Love Series: Self Love Flow- Donations go to Active Minds.

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November Chapter of the Month: Active Minds at Stockton University


Stockton AMThis month we’re excited to highlight the amazing work of Active Minds at Stockton University, the 2013-2014 Active Minds Chapter of the Year, for their amazing campus mental health work including their innovative program, Proactive Minds. Read on for some of the top reasons that Active Minds at Stockton University is excelling in changing the conversation about mental health!

A Thriving Leadership Team Spreading the Word

Stockton PicActive Minds at Stockton University has a thriving executive board made up of eight members from multiple academic years and has increased their general membership to nearly thirty members. They work very closely with their passionate advisor, Nathan Morell, and the Wellness and Counseling Center to recruit new members and hold relevant, large-scale events. Under their leadership, the chapter has reached more than 650 people through fundraising walks, art shows, and panel discussions. Plus, they already have a list of more than 75 volunteers who want to help out at their events this year!

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October’s Chapter of the Month: Denison University



Congratulations to Active Minds at Denison University for being named Chapter of the Month! This recently reactivated chapter is consistently engaging their campus with awesome programs and meetings that help to raise mental health awareness and fight stigma! Find out some of the top reasons that we love Active Minds at Denison University:


1. Strong reactivation

Kristina Keidel, a junior at Denison University, helped to reconnect Denison’s chapter with the national office based on her strong passion for mental health awareness.  This chapter formerly brought about four to six members to their meetings, but now has over 50 people at their weekly meetings, according to The Den, an on-campus newspaper at Denison University. Not only have they built up their membership, but they have also reached the wider campus community in ways they hadn’t before reactivating as a chapter.


Active Minds at Denison University student leaders at the 2014 National Mental Health on Campus Conference

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Text, Talk, Act for Mental Health: Start a Conversation, Change a Life


TTA LogoAcross the country, young people are talking about mental health and becoming empowered to improve their mental wellbeing and help a friend in need. 27,500 young people have been able to have this conversation through an innovative platform – and this fall, it will be available again free of charge.

Text, Talk, Act uses text messaging to facilitate a face-to-face conversation on mental health. Participants gather in small groups (3-4 people) with one cell phone per group. They text START to the number 89800 to receive a series of text messages that guides their group through a conversation on mental health: why it is important, how to care for it, and how to help a friend in need. The text messages include videos, social media interactions, polling questions and discussion questions.

This fall, Text, Talk, Act is coming to a smart phone near you. Text, Talk, Act will a nationwide events on October 5th in collaboration with Active Minds’ National Day without Stigma.

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How to Get to #MHCC15 on a Budget


AM Conference

The Active Minds 12th National Mental Health on Campus Conference is coming up, and we want YOU to join us!

That’s right, we want you at the University of Irvine in Irvine, California from November 13-15 to hear some incredible mental health speakers, meet and learn from your peers doing great work on hundreds of other campuses, and interact with our staff from the national office so that we can meet all of you stigma-fighting warriors!

In order to make that happen, we’re providing some ideas for how you can generate financial means to support your adventure to sunny California (fingers crossed that it’s actually sunny):

I'm poor

1. Sign up to volunteer at conference—This awesome opportunity means FREE registration in exchange for a volunteer shift of just 3 hours. It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

2. Sign up to present a workshop at conference—Not only do you get an opportunity to share your brilliant ideas, you also get FREE registration. Double win!

3. Ask your school for money, using our Making Asks resources—Many schools are willing to support students’ attendance at conferences, so it’s definitely worth exploring your school’s options.

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Get Your Fundraise on for National Day Without Stigma


Official NDWS LogoOn October 5th, campuses around the world come together to celebrate National Day Without Stigma. It is a powerful day that creates a space for individuals working together to end the discrimination around mental health and create communities of understanding and support.

You will be joined by more than 400 chapters on this day, united by the call to change the conversation about mental health and we want to help you make it better than ever! Here are some of the many, many, ways that chapters have participated in National Day Without Stigma in the past and how you can also combine fundraising and programming to make the biggest impact possible this October:

At the University of Virginia, a chapter ate away stigma by holding a “Cookie Decorating” display. Students decorated cookies using four different colors of frosting to solidify the concept that one in four students suffer from mental illness. To turn this fun, edible event into a fundraiser, ask for an optional donation for each cookie decorated.

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9 Ways to Kick Start Your Fall Semester as an Active Minds Chapter


Active Minds Back to School Chapter Tips

September is almost here and that means we’re in Back-to-School mode! To help your chapter hit the ground running we’ve put together some steps you can take to get ready for the semester:

1. Is your chapter feeling TRANSFORMative? Plan a mental health advocacy campaign. Take a look at our brand new Transform Your Campus toolkit with helpful templates and tips for creating institutional and policy change on your campus, like getting crisis hotline information added to the back of every student ID.

2. Check out our improved fundraising resources, including the Miles in Our Shoeswalk/run/ride kit, a checklist for selling raffle tickets on campus, and new and improved guides for online fundraising.

3. Let others know why you speak about suicide and mental illness during Suicide Prevention Month. Share a post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr with#ReasonsISpeak and the reasons you combat the silence surrounding suicide and mental illness.

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