Mental Health News Round-Up: July 31


Suicide Prevention, Stress, and the Ideals of Perfection

Although I typically try to remain objective in the Mental Health New Round-Up, I break this form to share the following NYT article that includes my personal story.


Active Minds has been instrumental in my journey of recovery and advocacy and I am now involved with Active Minds Penn on campus (Check out our Chapter President’s video on her mental health story and another alum’s TedTalk video).

I am so grateful to Active Minds National for taking a chance on me as an intern when I was on leave and truly believing that sharing your story can change the world. Find out how you can share your story for Suicide Prevention Month.

(The typical mental health news round-up continues below)

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Mental Health News Round-up: July 17


Inside The Mental Health Stigma In The Latino Community

Activist Dior Vargas discusses the stigma within the Latino community and encourages each person to become their own advocate when in comes to getting the best treatment possible.

This Is What It’s Like To Recover From An Eating Disorder During Ramadan

As Ramadan ends, Buzzfeed highlights the experiences of people in recovery from eating disorders during this month when the relationship with food, family, and Allah all intersect. Continue Reading

Emerging Scholars Fellowship: Drum Roll Please…


9186213I don’t know if you’ve all noticed, but it seems like the transgender community has been gaining more and more visibility in the last few months…

It’s been amazing to see, and I feel honored to be doing this research at a time when society seems to be becoming more open to the experiences and needs of transgender and non-binary individuals.

On that note, I think it’s time to share some of the findings that have come from my time as an Active Minds Emerging Scholars Fellow.

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Chapter of the Month: Occidental College


1425555_253282681496020_167931192_nOccidental College has been named Chapter of the Month for May! Their stigma-fighting techniques have caught our eye and we want every chapter to know about them, too.

Active Minds at Occidental College did not rest for a minute this spring semester, working continuously to break the barriers to mental health services on campus.

In addition to leading a diverse panel of 10 students who spoke openly about their mental health issues to a large classroom of peers, the chapter was also recently recognized for their on-campus advocacy for the addition of a peer mentoring program in the counseling center.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: May 15


Silence is Deadly: Mental Health and the Black Community

The first lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, shares her father’s personal experience with depression and her daughter’s struggle with addiction and anxiety to fight the silence in the black community surrounding mental heath.  This op-ed follows her announcement of $73.8 million dollars in initiatives to provide treatment to those with greatest need and the least access in NYC.

LGBTQ Students At Higher Eating Disorder Risk

A new survey of university students compares the rates of disordered eating for sexual and gender minorities to heterosexual females since most of the research focuses on this group.  Students who identified as transgender were four times more likely to report an eating disorder.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: May 3


A New Look at Racial/Ethnic Differences in Mental Health Service Use Among Adults

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released statistics about how adults of different ethnicities utilize mental health services.  Those who identified with two or more races were the most likely to seek therapy, while whites were most likely to be taking medication. All groups cited the high cost and lack of insurance coverage in reasons for not seeking treatment.

How a Collegiate Runner Conquered the Growing Dilemma of Male Eating Disorders

Zachary Stepanovich, a runner at Aquinas College, is fighting the intense stigma about men’s eating disorders and athlete’s mental health by sharing his story. He discusses the connection in his mind between athletic success, losing weight, and control. And unfortunately, he is not alone; both men and athletes struggle to talk about their mental health.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: April 17


downloadWorking Through Depression: Many Stay On The Job, Despite Mental Illness

Two people talk about depression and the considerations to take with disclosure at the work place. Another gem from this interview “But it’s important to remember that [external events affecting mood is] not how depression happens for everyone.”

How a Transgender Teen’s Cries for Help on Reddit and Tumblr Powered a Movement Against ‘Conversion Therapy’

Having experienced and decried conversion therapy, Leelah Alcorn begged for the world to “fix society” in her last post on tumblr.  With traction from mounting from an online petition bearing Alcorn’s name, the White House supports the efforts to ban conversion therapy at the state level.

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Emerging Scholars Fellowship: April Check-in


It’s hard to believe it’s April, and we’re already halfway through the fellowship! My project has definitely been keeping me busy.

I’ve spent most of my project time focusing on coding my data. I planned to buy software to help, but it turns out I don’t qualify for the reduced price student software, so I ended up having to work through it by hand. I don’t know that doesn’t mean much if you haven’t done qualitative coding before, so I’ll try to illustrate it for you, as inspired by our lovely New England winter.

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Program Bank Spotlight: iSupport Bracelet Campaign


1962804_748149121863433_2142951318_nHave you heard about Active Minds at UCLA‘s iSupport Bracelet Campaign? Chapter members made and sold friendship bracelets to show love, support and awareness of mental health conditions.

Each bracelet is created with special colors to bring awareness to a different mental health conditions. Students can request and receive a custom-made bracelet supporting a specific condition (or multiple conditions). For example, for students requesting bracelets in support of substance abuse awareness, the chapter members create a bracelet primarily in the color red, the official color for substance abuse awareness.

By selling these bracelets on campus, Active Minds at UCLA is educating its community about mental health and raising funds at the same time — surpassing its fundraising goal of $1,000. Continue Reading

Mental Health News Round-Up: Feb 27


The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.Graham Moore Gives the Oscar’s Most Moving Oscar’s Acceptance Speech

When accepting an Oscar for “The Imitation Game,” Graham Moore disclosed a past suicide attempt and then gave hope to “kid out there who feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere” to embrace differences and weirdness.

7 Ways the Media’s Depiction of Eating Disorders Completely Fails Women of Color

Trigger Warning: Graphic Images and unhelpful phrases

Women of color are less likely to seek treatment for eating disorders.  This author argues that more diverse representation in the media and debunking common misconceptions will increase the number of women of color working toward recovery.

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