5 Important New College Mental Health Statistics


Breaking news: Research shows that improving campus attitudes towards mental health enhances student success AND saves taxpayer’s money!

Let’s be real, all of us who are advocating for mental wellness on college campuses every day could have told everyone that a long time ago… but still, this is a big deal! We now have some solid data that definitely proves that our work is working, and we are on the right track with the most effective approaches to mental health promotion.

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So, here’s the scoop:

A major study conducted at public colleges throughout California set out to assess factors that influence mental health services utilization among students, and the potential societal impact of investing in mental health programs on campus. The RAND Corporation researchers who led the study surveyed a total of 33,943 students, and 14,018 faculty and staff at 39 public universities throughout California.

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Calling All California Filmmakers: Enter the Directing Change Contest


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Are you interested in making films? Passionate about mental health? You can raise awareness, gain recognition and win money with Each Mind Matters’ Directing Change Student Film Contest

Here’s how you participate:

Step 1) Pick your category.

Step 2) Create films!

Step 3) Share the word! The Directing Change Team can assist you by providing flyers, customized social media posts, guidance from professional filmmakers, and other support.

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