Mental Health News Round-Up: July 22

frankwarrenFrank Warren Holds the Key to Public Speaking Genius
Frank Warrens, the creator of PostSecret and a member of the Active Minds Speakers Bureau, is considered one of the best public speakers thanks to one thing: charisma. Janice Tomich, a professional speaking coach, says that Frank’s TED Talk “Half a Million Secrets,” is the perfect example: Frank successfully connects with his audience through humor, engagement, and taking pauses to let his messages sink in.
Bring Frank Warren to your campus to speak about mental health. 
Study: Influence of Genetics on Mental Health Depends on Environment
Researchers recently found that genetics can be linked to mental illness. Certain genes don’t cause mental illness, but they can increase a person’s sensitivity to environmental stressors.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: July 15

Pokemon Go Having Unintended and Amazing Effects on Players’ Mental Health


Who would’ve thought we’d hear “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” again? Who would’ve thought a video game would be beneficial to your mental health? Pokemon Go is an interactive app where users can walk around outside and catch different Pokemon. It has encouraged people to get up and get some exercise while learning their surroundings – any many people are reporting that it’s helping with their depression and anxiety!
Pediatricians Urged to Screen for Suicide Risks Among Teens
A new American Academy of Pediatrics report encourages family doctors to screen all teenagers for risk of suicide. The risk of suicide among teens is heightened by factors such as bullying, physical/sexual abuse, or issues related to sexual or gender identity.

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March Chapter of the Month: University of Dayton


Univ_DaytonWe are excited to announce March’s chapter of the month, Active Minds at University of Dayton! They recently hosted a GO LIME Campaign, promoting mental health awareness and Active Minds during an NCCA Division I basketball game against the University of Rhode Island broadcasted on ESPN 2.

At the sold-out basketball game on February 27, the chapter distributed 150 lime green (the nationally observed color for mental health awareness) T-shirts featuring a mental health statistic and the chapter’s logo to alert the audience to the number of people that live with mental illness, the resources available for help, and the Active Minds chapter. Continue Reading

Mental Health News Round-Up: August 21



Michael Sam Leaves Pro Football, Cites Mental Health Concerns

Openly gay football pioneer Michael Sam is taking a break pro football to take care of his mental health. This is an important step for athletes to break down stigma and realize the importance of taking care of both physical and mental health equally.

Gun Laws Associated With Lower Suicide Rates

Decreasing access to lethal means prevents suicide according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. The four laws specifically investigated were waiting periods, background checks for purchase or licensing, hand gun locks, and restrictions on the open carrying.

If you are struggling, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine at 1-800-273-8255 or the Crisis Text Line by texting “Start” to 741-741.

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Active Minds Announces New Partnership with NFL Players Association



To be effective change-makers we need to have the best partners. Help Active Minds welcome our newest stigma-fighting partner — NFL Players Association!

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, I had the great honor of visiting the NFLPA to speak about the importance of mental health. The NFLPA and Active Minds will work together to empower young people to speak openly about mental health in an effort to educate others and encourage help-seeking.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: Feb 20


urlKate Middleton Records PSA for Children’s Mental Health Week

The Duchess of Cambridge has released a public service announcement regarding the stigma surrounding mental health especially for youth.  This is part of the UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week which is led by Place2Be.

Mental Health For Athletes: Open Door Policy is a Crucial Step, but What’s Next?

One professional swimmer writes that coaches should not only have an open door policy to talk about mental health and the day to day struggles of being a student athlete, but that coaches need to educate themselves on the professional mental health resources available to best help students.

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Mental Health News Round-up: Jan 30


mental_healthMore Americans Getting Mental Health Treatment

According to data released by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), treatment for mental illness increased from 62.9% to 68.5% in one year’s time.  The data also tracked other trends including illegal drug use, substance abuse treatment, and access to care on a state by state basis.

Pilot Program Focuses on Mental Health for Athletes

The University of Michigan now offers drop-in counseling and PSAs to improve the mental health of their student athletes.  This campaign is designed to fight the mentality that student athletes should “tough it out’ instead of seeking help.

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Mental Health News Round-Up: December 5


defeated american football player man silhouetteThe Mental Health of College Athletes

Following the death of Kosta Karageorge, a football player for Ohio State, the public is reevaluating the culture of stoicism, perfection, and success that engulf student athletes.  Brian Hainline, the NCAA’s chief medical officer has been advocating for a comprehensive view of student health (including mental, physical, and neurological).

New York City Plans Focus on Mental Health in Justice Systems

After an expose style article about Rikers Island’s poor treatment of inmates with mental health disorders, public attention has turned to fixing the cyclical nature of incarceration.  With $130 million, the city hopes to refocus on providing treatment as opposed to using the prison system as a “fix” for homelessness.

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