Fundraising from the Heart: Meet Mary Carver Deal



Mary Carver Deal is a senior in high school from Charlotte, North Carolina. Two years ago, she lost a close friend to suicide. Since then, she has become a committed mental health advocate. Mary is bringing attention to suicide prevention and mental health by using her passion for art to fundraise for Active Minds.

Mary’s community anguished over the loss of one of their bright young students. They came together to honor his memory by fundraising with t- shirts, bracelets and baked goods, donating the proceeds to Active Minds. After about a year, Mary noticed that the fundraising and support efforts had ceased. She wanted to keep the momentum going forward, and decided to use her artistic talents to plan an art show to benefit Active Minds.

Through her art shows, Mary has contributed nearly $4,000 to her friend’s Active Minds memorial fund. Continue Reading