Chapters 101

Summer Inventory Deadline Extended: Due June 25!

Inventory Deadline ExtendedYou finished the school year, you held your last chapter meetings, you celebrated, maybe you already hit the beach — but there is one more thing you need to do before officially being done with this year: Fill out your chapter’s Summer Inventory! We know, sometimes we can sound like a broken record sending you all of those reminders but this summer inventory is, in a lot of ways, the most important one of the year. Here’s why:

  1. Get your Active Minds swag in the fall!

We need the address of where to send that big box of Active Minds materials each fall. Free buttons, stickers, pamphlets, information about new Active Minds programming, and many of the materials you’ll need to run your awareness campaigns will come in this box. It’s like Christmas in September!

  1. Send in your new leader’s contact information.

You have the chance to fill out the contact information of your leadership in every inventory but the majority of chapters have elections at the end of the spring semester. We want to make sure we can be in touch with your most accurate chapter leadership about opportunities and reminders and this is the time to tell us!

  1. Ratings are coming.

June 30 ends our year at Active Minds and that means that we can begin evaluating chapters and assigning annual ratings. If you’re fulfilling all of the requirements to become a 5-star chapter, you need to tell us about it in your inventories so we can give you credit for your programs, meetings, partnerships, fundraising, and more.

  1. Plan your 2015-2016 academic year.

We’ve already established that you’re on the beach somewhere and you’re probably not trying to think about school a whole lot right now but filling out your inventory will help you establish goals for next year. Filling out your inventory helps you reflect on what you’ve done this semester and year and can help you figure out where you want to try growing in the fall. Want to expand your social media reach? Create a better leadership transition plan? Hold more creative programs? Expand your Stress Less Week? Not sure? Filling out your inventory will help.

  1. Help us celebrate all that you’ve done this year!

We wish we could talk to all 400+ chapters all the time and be at your programs and come to your meetings and see all of the amazing things you’re doing but we’re only a 13 person staff and we count on these inventories to help us keep up to date on the inspiring, innovative, creative things you do. So you go ahead and brag on your inventory and let us celebrate all that you’ve done this year!

You have until Thursday, June 25th at Midnight, EST. Fill out your Summer Inventory! Email if you have any questions.