Prevention & Awareness

Suicide Prevention Month: Insights on the Journey 3

Meg Hutchinson is an award-winning songwriter, poet and recording artist. As a result of her personal experiences living with bipolar disorder she has become a leading mental health advocate and speaks about recovery at conferences, schools and teaching hospitals around the country.

I’ve spent the last seven years learning how to live with bipolar disorder. I’ve found that in order to truly heal myself on a deeper level I’ve had to allow myself to be vulnerable. To let people in. To see openness as a sign of strength.

The poet David Whyte talks about this idea of “radical robust vulnerability.” This is the bold tenderness I am working on in my own life now.

Mental illness can break our hearts.

But it can also break our hearts OPEN.

In that open heart there is room for a profound compassion to arise for ourselves and for each other. This compassion is the purest medicine.

In distress? Call 1-800-273-TALK.