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Suicide Prevention Month: Insights on the Journey 1

Lotus-Flower-Pictures16_optMeg Hutchinson is an award-winning songwriter, poet and recording artist. As a result of her personal experiences living with bipolar disorder she has become a leading mental health advocate and speaks about recovery at conferences, schools and teaching hospitals around the country.

I spent a lot of my early life trying to be perfect. My response to adversity was to ratchet things up a notch, just make a better To Do list, just work a little harder. While this was a healthy reaction to many things in my life, as I began to wrestle with depression in my late teens I just clamped down and tried to be more perfect.

I guess deep down I only thought I was lovable if I was perfect.

I found incredible ways to hide what I was going through, even from my family. Since I had always been the most cheerful and optimistic person it was almost impossible for me to let on what was really going on in my brain.

I waited nine years longer than I should have to receive treatment for bipolar disorder. I waited until the breaking point before I could accept help. It almost killed me.

What I never imagined is that by seeking treatment and sharing my story I would feel more lovable than I ever have in my whole life.

Everyone has a story. If you tell yours you create a safe place for others to share theirs. This is how we save one another daily.

In distress? Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).