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SSP Wrap-Up: University of California Santa Barbara, Mt. San Jacinto College, and University of California Riverside

Send Silence Packing wrapped up its Fall 2015 tour at University of California Santa Barbara, Mt. San Jacinto College, and University of California Riverside.

Below are some pictures from the displays that were shared on Instagram. You can take a look back at the Fall 2015 Tour by looking through the hashtag #SendSilencePacking and checking out the blog.

University of California Santa Barbara

calebthelee: #sendsilencepacking exhibit at #UCSB
stephlloyd: Today there were 1,100 backpacks on the lawn at UCSB for the #sendsilencepacking tour. Each year more than 1,100 college students commit suicide in the U.S. It was a heartbreaking exhibit that is so necessary.

nicholasclay_: Suicide is a silent killer; depression, a silent illness. It affects those whom we may least expect it & suicide claims the lives of more than 1,100 students each year. @active_minds shared the heart-wrenching & personal stories of students who decided to take their own lives to bring awareness to this issue & make it more visible. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by such tragedies & to those who are going through depression or other mental illnesses. It only takes one person to reach out and save another to #SendSilencePacking.
activemindsucr: #sendsilencepacking is at UC Santa Barbara today! Show your support and come out to the event this Thursday when Send Silence Packing hits UC Riverside. “1,100 backpacks are the number of college students who die by suicide each year.” (Photo from Active Minds, Inc. Twitter ) #iheartactivemindsucr #UCR #ucriverside #ucbound #uc #mentalhealth #suicideprevention #activeminds #supportandfollow


Mt. San Jacinto College

ezthebull: An Active Minds program displaying 1,100 backpacks and personal stories that represent the 1,100 college students who die by suicide each year. #sendsilencepacking #msjc #activeminds
imatinyburrito: Each backpack has the story of a student who was lost to suicide attached to it. Depression is a real issue. Whether the reason is circumstantial or psycological, it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Don’t be afriad to speak out…and the rest of us should never be afraid to listen. #sendsilencepacking #youcantalktome #suicide
nikitykool: Each backpack represents a young suicide and the stories attached are utterly heartbreaking. If only they knew that it does get better… #sendsilencepacking #MSJC event and I found the layout of the packs particularly fitting, each perceiving itself to be alone and isolated and yet close by is another and another and another. A metaphor, indeed.


University of California Riverside

glameow666: 1,100 (average) commit suicide each year. It’s important to be there for others and seek help from or for anyone that is in need. Listen and look for signs. It’s sad to see some of these people leave us when it wasn’t their time. Let’s create friends and not enemies, and spread love not hate. Help one another. #sendsilencepacking #imagainstbullying
gummy_19: UCR spreading the word and awareness of college students commuting suicides… Each backpack comes with its own story #SendSilencePacking #UCRspreadingawareness #helpspreadtheword #ProudHighlander
jennymarin_le: There are 1,100 backpacks with personal stories that represent 1,100 colleges students who die by suicide each year. #SendSilencePacking #makeadifference #ucr
gdlpe.mndza: Each year over 1,100 college students take their own lives. Your mental illness does not define you. Suicide is not the answer. Seek for something that helps; I promise that something will. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. #SendSilencePacking