Student Stories

So I Start

5 years before, most everything was pink

What a beautiful cause

What a beautiful way to think

What if… but no. I thought 


Yet I searched, to my disbelief

The green beacon shined

As a hopeful motif

Against the hate. Seen prior


Emphasizing my loss

Such words Made me want to kill my-

They don’t know the cost

Of such words. Since he died.


Yet, this little ribbon pinned to my heart

Could tell my unsaid story

So that is how I start

Passing out some hope for-


For me. For family. For everyone in fact.

Everyone who has to face the hate

Everyone that this impacts

And those who wish to say


The wrong things that hurt so much

Start to learn from others.

Illness should be treated as such

Find those who. Understand


With heart pinned green ribbons

You can shake the world

And stigma, good riddance

Stand up now. So I start


Forgive and help others grow

Speak against the silence

Forgive the pain and speak although

Silence is easy. So I start


Tara is a member of the Active Minds Student Advisory Committee and a chapter leader at Colorado School of Mines. Mental Illness Awareness Week runs through the first full week of October every year.