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Send Silence Packing Wrap-Up: California State University, Sacramento and Fresno City College

Send Silence Packing is making its way through stops in California. This past week it displayed at California State University, Sacramento and Fresno City College.

Below are some pictures from the displays that were shared on Instagram. Follow the Fall 2015 Tour by following the hashtag #SendSilencePacking and checking the blog.

California State University, Sacramento

joelmankid: It said also that 1100 students commit suicide each year which means 251,900 people consider it each year. #sendsilencepacking #csus #sacstate #suicide #sad #saveyourself
jekibooxo: 1,100 students commit suicide each year yet we rarely discuss this tragic reality. Each backpack on the Sac State campus today represents a suicide victim and their story. Spread awareness and form a dialogue with loved ones regarding depression, mental health, and suicide. Reach out and find support and/or give support to those suffering around you. #neverforgotten #SendSilencePacking #NationalDayWithoutStigma #mentalhealth #mentalillness #suicide #depression #talkaboutit
hellajanice: Today until 4pm, there will be 1100 backpacks sitting in the library quad to represent the 1100 students that are lost to suicide each year. #sendsilencepacking wants to remind everyone that its okay to not feel okay. If you need to talk to anyone, the Student Health & Counseling Services are available in the Well for you ❤ #sendsilencepacking #activeminds #shcs #csus

anarosemur: I’m crying reading these stories. I promise it gets better! It’s okay to talk about it, it’s okay to not feel okay.. #sendsilencepacking #activeminds
patsy__p: #sendsilencepacking #sacstate #csus #1100backpacks #college #activeminds #suicideawareness What an amazing experience. My heart was heavy reading the stories. If you are having troubling thoughts,having a tough time,having thoughts of suicide,please talk to someone you trust and/or will listen.

Fresno City College

tim559: “SUICIDE is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students.” Today 1,100 backpacks and stories were scattered across the free speech area. #sendsilencepacking
yjelen: So honored to be part of this awesome event with Active Minds. So many students stopped and read the stories of those who have passed. A lot of them wanted information. Many wanted to help out as well. My heart is full. #sendsilencepacking #fresnocitycollege #suicideprevention
nizhoni_naira: Here lay 1100 backpacks of students who have committed suicide along with their biographies. I stand here in silence and as i read i feel so emotional. Some people don’t know what struggles others are going through and that’s why we need to talk to each other and help in any way we can. Help spread awareness. #sendsilencepacking #suicideisntalwaystheanswer
cattieness: #suicideprevention #collegestudents #omg #hundreds #overwhelming
phillipayala8: #sendsilencepacking