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Send Silence Packing: The Many Geofilters of the Spring 2016 Tour

Casey is a roadstaffer for the Spring 2016 Send Silence Packing tour. Read his other blog posts here.

Anyone who follows me on Snapchat should know from my time as a SSP Road Staffer was that I really liked using that app.  With the addition of Geofilters, Snapchat users are able to bring up a neat image on their pictures/videos depending on their location.  I was very active on Snapchat on this tour so I could find all of the neat Geofilters to show off to others indicating where I’ve been.  This is a fun list I’ve created showing the unique Geofilters I came across. Enjoy!

Atlanta, GA


One thing that made this tour really enjoyable was how well Hayley and I got along.  We first discovered our love for the zombie TV show on AMC “The Walking Dead.” Most of the show was filmed in or around Atlanta which was great since we just so happened to be there the night of the season finale! This sight is shown at the end of Season 1, Episode 1 as Rick enters Atlanta on horseback.

Winston-Salem, NC


This was a fun day for us spent at Wake Forest University! Oddly enough, we spent the entire day at a college where we weren’t having a SSP display. Hayley and I were visiting a friend who was speaking at the university that night so we enjoyed the beautiful weather Winston-Salem had to offer. We also ate at a pizza place on campus that served tater-tots as a topping so stop by Wake Forest if you like specialty pizza!

Baltimore, MD


If you know anything about me, I LOVE sports; baseball especially. After we wrapped up our display at Johns Hopkins University, we headed down to Camden Yards to catch a Baltimore Orioles game! It was a beautiful night where we able to relax, eat hot dogs, and embrace a true American pastime. Orioles won a thriller over the Blue Jays that night!

Memphis, TN


Memphis was a city I will surely never forget. Rhodes College is a beautiful campus with a fantastic Active Minds chapter! I think this was easily one of the coolest Geofilters I came across since it embodied so much of Memphis. The fried chicken there was some of the best I’ve ever had!

SSP Spring 2016


Shane Patterson was one of my best friends. In 2010, I lost him to suicide. When I found out I was hired for this tour, I was elated to know I could bring his story with me.  Shane was 18 when he left us so he didn’t get to see all of the beautiful places I got to see this spring.  It was almost as if he got to come with me on this journey which was truly special for me.  His story is now with SSP so that he will continue to make an impact on the lives of others.