Send Silence Packing at Auburn University: Instagram Wrap-Up


Send Silence Packing, Active Minds’ traveling suicide prevention exhibit, hit the road this week for its Spring 2016 tour throughout the South. The first stop: Auburn University on March 31!

Although the display was relocated to an indoor location due to rain, hundreds of students still made it to the exhibit of 1,100 backpacks, representing the number of college students who die by suicide each year.

Take a look at some of the #SendSilencePacking photos from yesterday’s display that were shared on Instagram!


Photo by @Active_Minds: The #SendSilencePacking road staff has made it to Alabama and can’t wait to meet the @activemindsau chapter for the #SSP exhibit tomorrow! If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by the Campus Recreation Center between 9-4pm at Auburn University to visit the display. #suicideprevention #ssproadstafftravels


Photo by @ActiveMindsAU: Thanks to everyone who helped and attended #SendSilencePacking today! We hope you learned how important it is to talk about suicide and mental health. Thanks to @active_minds for bringing SSP to us!! #MWW16 #ReasonsISpeak



Photo by @ActiveMindsAU: Justin was the definition of an Auburn man. He will always be a member of the Auburn family and his legacy and passion for raising awareness about mental health will continue on through the Send Silence Packing display, located in the Rec Center. #sendsilencepacking #mww2016 #reasonsispeak



Photo by @berrrgz_: Each one of these backpacks has a story. Each one of these backpacks represents a life of a student that was lost to suicide. Everyone come check out this amazingly powerful display in the rec center. Come join the fight and help end the stigma and let’s Send Silence Packing. #reasonispeak #sendsilencepacking


Photo by @hayden_massey: Come out to court 6 in the AU Rec & help us #SendSilencePacking as we promote Mental Wealth on Auburns Campus


Photo by @alexandriamadison: 1,100 college students give in to the darkness that is suicide. Come help us raise awareness and bring attention to a topic that isn’t talked about enough. #sendsilencepacking #mww2016 #ReasonsISpeak #seeyoutomorrow


Photo by @headnicincharge: These backpacks represent the 1,100 college students who die by suicide each year. Some backpacks offer personal stories as well. Please…please reach out to friends, family, and even strangers if you think someone is considering taking their own life. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students. #SendSilencePacking


Photo by @auburncampusrec: Be sure to stop by the #SendSilencePacking event held on the basketball courts for Mental Wealth Week! This is a traveling exhibition of 1,100 donated backpacks, representing the number of college students lost to suicide each year. The event is located on Court 6.


Photo by @allysonhumate: The 1,100 book bags in the #sendsilencepacking exhibit represent the number of college students that take their own lives each year. These students shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. Ask questions, take interest and bring back hope for tomorrow. #mentalwealthweek


Photo by @emmakatebrannon: Today I read over 200 true life stories written by families affected by suicide. Every year 1,100 college age students complete suicide and many more contemplate it. The only way to help is to talk about it and remove the stigma attached to mental illness so that those suffering feel comfortable asking for help. Do what you can to help prevent suicide and talk to the people around you about their mental health! #mentalwealthweek #sendsilencepacking


Photo by @wareaglewoodward: Stop by the Rec and Wellness Ctr today to see the #sendsilencepacking event. Reduce college suicide.

Next week, Send Silence Packing will be traveling to Emory University, UT Chattanooga and Austin Peay State University. Check the blog next Friday for another Instagram wrap-up!