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One Second Every Day

I knew from the moment I accepted the position that going on tour with Send Silence Packing was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Of course the prospect of experiencing something so amazing made me excited but it simultaneously planted a seed of anxiety. How in the world could I capture this time and be able to remember the details?

I’ve always wanted to be a journaler. I admire those who can express their thoughts to themselves on paper and are disciplined enough to do it everyday. I would love to have a record of my thoughts and experiences from any particular time period in my life and be able to reference those notes whenever I’m feeling nostalgic. Alas, every time I’ve attempted a journal it ends up being a notebook full of lists. I list things, it’s what I do. Listing is super helpful to remember tasks I need to do but not great when I want to remember what I actually did that day or how I felt about it. Knowing this about myself and determined to capture the trip in a meaningful way, I knew I was going to have to get creative.

Just before the tour began I remembered a TED Talk I had seen a while back about taking daily videos. After re-watching Cesar Kuriyama’s TED Talk about his 1 second everyday project I thought it would be the perfect way to capture my experience with Send Silence Packing. So I downloaded his app and pressed record! In the beginning, since I’m not a photographer or videographer, it didn’t feel natural to reach for my phone and take a video of random things I did.  But once I got through the first week and had that 7 second video, I was hooked. The tour by nature is a diverse adventure but committing to documenting the trip in this way made me more adventurous! The app was always in the back of my mind and it pushed me to get out of the hotel room more, explore those small towns, and take notice of my surroundings.

Now that the tour is over I have a 78 second video to show for it and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome! It captures what life was really like during the tour. It shows everything from the long hours on the road to mundane hotel lounging to beautiful California beach days.

The most important aspect of this video for me is that it triggers my memory.  After seeing just one second from that day I can remember not only the full event but so many other memories that are attached to it.

Recording one second everyday made me more adventurous, kept me honest, and helps me remember.