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NSCS & Active Minds

We’re so thrilled to announce our new partnership with the National Society of Collegiate Scholars! Full transcript of the video below.

Alison: Hello, Active Minds. I’m excited to be here with my friend, Steve Loflin, to announce our new partnership with the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Steve: NSCS was an organization that I really wanted to start back in 1994 to make a difference for first and second year college students. We’ve come to realize that NSCS is really a great opportunity to provide leadership opportunities, scholarships, and even help people think about their future. But as an organization, one of the things that’s also become more important to us is to really look for ways to support our students and to really help them have the most productive college experience possible.

Alison: And I’m Alison Malmon, I’m the founder and Executive Director of Active Minds. Active Minds is a national nonprofit focused on empowering students to speak openly about mental health. I started Active Minds after I lost my brother Brian to suicide when he was a college student. And I quickly understood and learned that mental health issues are so widespread and impact so many of us, and yet, we talk so little about them. And students like my brother Brian need to know that they’re not alone, need to know that there’s help available, and they need to feel comfortable seeking the help.

Steve: Alison and I are excited to share with you all today that NSCS and Active Minds are joining forces in an unprecedented partnership to raise funds and awareness for mental health. Through this campaign, 80% of the funds raised will support Active Minds’ education and outreach on college campuses. The remaining 20% will fund an NSCS scholarship.

Alison: One of the things that we’re going to be able to do this year is a lot of online / offline programming around stress relief activities and Active Minds’ Stress Less Week, and Integrity Week, and programming that happens around Suicide Prevention Month. So, you can do that even if you don’t have an Active Minds chapter on your campus. If you do, I hope Active Minds and NSCS work together.

Steve: And I know all of those resources are really going to make a difference, and it really is going to help us take our mission in the direction of educating our members around these challenges and around where to find help on campus.

Alison: Our goal through this is to provide the training and education for NSCS members, to learn more for themselves and their friends, and to provide you the tools and resources to help us keep doing the work that we do.

Steve: We look forward to working closely with all our NSCS members across the country to empower students to speak openly about mental health and encourage help seeking. This is just one of the many ways NSCS embodies our pillars of community service and leadership. Join us on our journey to break the stigma.