Chapters 101

November Chapter of the Month: Active Minds at Stockton University

Stockton AMThis month we’re excited to highlight the amazing work of Active Minds at Stockton University, the 2013-2014 Active Minds Chapter of the Year, for their amazing campus mental health work including their innovative program, Proactive Minds. Read on for some of the top reasons that Active Minds at Stockton University is excelling in changing the conversation about mental health!

A Thriving Leadership Team Spreading the Word

Stockton PicActive Minds at Stockton University has a thriving executive board made up of eight members from multiple academic years and has increased their general membership to nearly thirty members. They work very closely with their passionate advisor, Nathan Morell, and the Wellness and Counseling Center to recruit new members and hold relevant, large-scale events. Under their leadership, the chapter has reached more than 650 people through fundraising walks, art shows, and panel discussions. Plus, they already have a list of more than 75 volunteers who want to help out at their events this year!

Transformative Change

Stockton 3Active Minds at Stockton saw a disconnect around the way students get information about their Wellness Center and the use of their services so they sought to fill the gap. They began printing and distributing small stickers with the counseling center call line and asking students to place the stickers on a blank spot on their student ID cards. Due in part to these and the chapter’s other efforts, counseling visits to the Wellness Center have increased in the past year.

The chapter has also worked to engage groups that might not otherwise receive mental health information and have had thriving partnerships with their honors program, Greek life, student athletes, student veterans, and the LGBTQ Pride Alliance. In addition to their work on campus, they have expanded and worked with their county on mental health training and education and even donated over $500 to purchase recreational equipment for a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Innovative Programming: Proactive Minds

Stockton 2The chapter recently created  a program called Proactive Minds to prepare high school students for the emotional and mental changes associated with transitioning to college and help them recognize how important it is to take care of themselves. Through presentations to high school students, chapter members  share their personal stories about transitioning to college and their advisor provides the research and education  about the emotional processes involved, the warning signs for each major type of mental illness, self-care suggestions, and campus resources.

Through this chapter’s efforts, not only is their campus a more conducive environment for talking about mental health openly and seeking help, but even future students are launching into the next chapter of their lives more equipped to have conversations about their and other’s mental health. Keep up the great work, Active Minds at Stockton University!