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National Day Without Stigma 2009 a Huge Success

Active Minds, Inc.’s National Day Without Stigma 2009 a Huge Success

October 6th, 2009- In an effort to foster a broader dialogue on mental health issues, campus affiliates from 23 states participated in Active Minds Inc.’s 3rd Annual National Day Without Stigma on October 5th.

“We are so proud that more than 60 of our chapters that participated in National Day Without Stigma this year,” said Alison Malmon, Executive Director of Active Minds, Inc. “The event epitomizes our on-going efforts to reduce the stigma society attaches to mental health and mental illness. To have such widespread campus and regional interest is humbling and inspiring. I can’t wait to see how we move forward from here.”

All across North America, Active Minds chapter members asked their classmates: ‘What will you do to fight the stigma?’ Everyone is affected by this issue in some way, shape or form. Yet stigma and inaccurate information often keep people from seeking the help that they need.

Active Minds provides information about available resources on-campus, online, and in the community, educates students about mental health and mental illnesses, hosts events to raise awareness, and encourages students to seek help as soon as it is needed. With a presence on 213 campuses, the organization continues to work to shine a positive light on mental wellness and to create an accepting environment where each student has the resources and support needed to thrive.

All across the country, students sported “1 in 4” buttons to highlight the one in four people in the United States who have a diagnosable mental health disorder in a given year, donated their Facebook statuses to raise awareness and flooded their friends with “Get Help for Mental Health” materials.

Chapters distributed educational resources, materials and giveaways to their campus communities.  Some held Counselors Out of the Center events, introducing students to school counselors in a fun and friendly setting. Other chapters offered a variety of programming including Stomp Out Stigma step shows, walks and runs and panel discussions.

“We want all students to feel empowered to seek help without fear of judgment.” said Sara Abelson, Active Minds, Inc’s Program Director. “We look forward to the day that all college students will be able to discuss mental health issues openly. The way to get there is by starting a frank and meaningful dialogue about mental health and mental illness. That’s what we are doing here at Active Minds.”

About Active Minds, Inc.

Active Minds is the leading voice in college student mental health. On over 200 campuses, with thousands of student leaders and advocates working diligently to raise awareness and promote mental health, Active Minds is reaching students through the implementation of programming that decreases stigma, brings about awareness, and ultimately creates a positive and accepting environment for the discussion of mental health issues.

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