Mental Health News Round-up: Oct 31


20121110093009gay_marriage_81102178_300x225More Needed to Prevent LGBT Active Military/Veterans Suicide

After this preliminary study, the authors believe that more research needs to be conducted on this intersection of the LGBT community and military personal with regard to mental health.

Lantern, an Online Start Up, Offers Online Therapy for Anxiety and More

Technology is ever present in our lives, but one entrepreneur is using technology to connect users with social workers and therapists to work through issues such as body image, anxiety, and insomnia. Users pay for a 15 minute talk with their “coach” and unlimited messaging to learn skills to tackle the problems they face; although not officially counseling, the founder calls the service a step between therapy and a self help book.

Depression in Hispanic Community: Study Finds Latinos are Undertreated; Illness Most Prevalent in Puerto Ricans

Research from Yeshiva University and the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos examines the rates of anxiety and depression in Latinos through a survey of over 16,000 Hispanic/Latinos in urban areas.

Music Therapy improves Self Esteem, Eases Depression in Kids and Teens

According to a new study in Ireland, using music therapy in addition to traditional therapy had more symptom relief compared to those who only received traditional therapy.