Mental Health News Round Up: June 3


Kristen Bell: I’m Over Staying Silent About Depression


Actress Kristen Bell’s essay in Motto is all about the depression that runs in her family and how the stigma around mental health needs to be removed. As a celebrity advocate, she encourages people to open up to one another to speak out about their mental health and end the stigma.

Supporting Mental Health Efforts Beyond The Month Of May

Even though the month of May was filled with mental health awareness from political, social and personal standpoints; these upcoming months are important for taking action. There is need for reform in efforts to improve the services and end the stigma that lingers around mental health.

The Final Workplace Taboo: Mental Health — And Why It’s Time To Take It Seriously

Resilience – the ability to deal with stressful situations and still be able to thrive; a result of promoting mental health within the workplace. This blog advocates mental health initiatives in the office such as resilience training can reduce stress and improve performance among colleagues.

Report: PDs need mental health programs

U.S. Justice Department urges police chiefs to implement mental health programs in police departments to help them cope with traumatic events. The police department is taking a big step to end the stigma and encourage officers to seek help.