Mental Health News Round Up: June 24


ClfllxtWEAEgtroOrlando Shooting Sheds Light on Mental Health Disparities in Florida’s Latino Community

After the Orlando shooting, many Latinos in the area are ending the stigma about mental health. Over 40 Latino-led organizations have formed since the tragedy to help low incomes families receive proper resources for those who were affected.

(Note: See a message from the Active Minds staff regarding the tragedy in Orlando.)

Prince William Makes An Excellent Point About Mental Health

Prince William, father of two and mental health advocate, opens up about the importance of parents and the ability to openly talk about their children’s psychological wellbeing. He encourages parents to accept mental health and treat as serious as physical health.

Better Mental Health Care is Worth the Expense

Even with recent conversations about mental health, services offered to aid Americans have been shrinking rather than growing. The House of Representatives is looking into voting on a bill that will grant people greater access to mental health specialists. Expenses to better mental health would not only benefit many people, but save other government costs down the road.

6 Reasons To Take A Mental Health Day

The Huffington Post put together six reasons why your mental health is important and deserves to be taken care of. Take a day off and get some rest!