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Mental Health News Round Up: July 3

imagesWhy Gay Marriage is Good for a Person’s Mental Health

A study from 2010 showed that people who identified as gay residing in states where same-sex marriage was banned experienced higher rates of mental health disorders. Since gay marriage is now legal in all states thanks to the Supreme Court, this reporter hopes that mental health outcomes for LGBT people will improve.

UC Davis Psychiatrist Discusses Mental Health Stigma among Immigrant

Cultural stigma in immigrant communities prevent many from getting treatment. Dr. Russell Lim, a leading psychiatrist who focuses on the stigma in refugee populations, discusses how language determines how one describe mental health disorders, the importance of linkages to the communities, and the benefits of seeking treatment. This is an especially important read during Minority Mental Health Month (#MMHM).

Long-acting Antipsychotic Medication May Improve Treatment for Schizophrenia

Due to issues with non-compliance (not taking medication as prescribed once symptoms are alleviated), people living with schizophrenia often face a reemergence of symptoms. However, a UCLA study found that  an injectable antipsychotic administered at a doctor’s office allows better control of symptoms and a greater adherence to treatment.

Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood?

Some researchers are investigating gut bacteria’s use of neurochemicals. Current research shows that certain strains of bacteria allowed mice to avoid “behavioral despair” in a forced swim test meaning that they swam longer and were more optimistic than mice not given the gut bacteria.