Mental Health News Round-Up: July 15

Pokemon Go Having Unintended and Amazing Effects on Players’ Mental Health


Who would’ve thought we’d hear “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” again? Who would’ve thought a video game would be beneficial to your mental health? Pokemon Go is an interactive app where users can walk around outside and catch different Pokemon. It has encouraged people to get up and get some exercise while learning their surroundings – any many people are reporting that it’s helping with their depression and anxiety!
Pediatricians Urged to Screen for Suicide Risks Among Teens
A new American Academy of Pediatrics report encourages family doctors to screen all teenagers for risk of suicide. The risk of suicide among teens is heightened by factors such as bullying, physical/sexual abuse, or issues related to sexual or gender identity.

New Mental Health Program Helps Students Transition to Campus
University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus is implementing its Supported Education program to help students with mental illness get ready for college. This program helps students who have been away from school for a while due to mental health issues get used to studying and school again.
Olympian Allison Schmitt: Bringing Darkness of Depression to Light
There’s a stigma about mental health when it comes to professional athletes. People believe that if their physical health is great then their psychological health is in shape too. Olympic swimmer Allison Schmitt opens up about how her time trials weren’t the only trials she struggled with. She talks about her depression and the importance of openly talking about mental health among athletes.