Mental Health News Round-Up: July 1

Demi Lovato Talks Mental Health, Addiction, and Recovery

Pop star Demi Lovato speaks out about her recovery from addiction and an eating disorder.  She discusses how her mental health has inspired her music. She is now mental health advocate, emboldening her fans every day.

Effects of Exercise on Depression Underestimated, Review Finds

The latest report in the Journal of Psychiatric Research shows exercising has an influential antidepressant impact on those diagnosed with depression. Studies showed aerobic and mixed exercises made a significant effect by reducing depression symptoms. Exercise can now be considered an evidence-based treatment to manage moderate and severe depression.

Telemedicine Companies See Mental Health As Next Frontier

Telehealth firms are pushing to offer access to mental health specialists through smartphones, tablets, and computers. Users will be able to access psychiatrists, therapists, and receive video consolations in hopes of improving the quality of mental health care through technology.

How neighbors can help cops improve mental health response

On top of police mental health training, communities are offering workshops to educate locals on mental health. “It’s not a police-only issue. It’s a community issue, and we’ve got to work together on it,” says Patricia Doyle, who runs a mental health training company called Vision for Change. This will help people dealing with mental health disorders receive proper care when faced with a serious situation.