Mental Health News Round-Up: Feb 20


urlKate Middleton Records PSA for Children’s Mental Health Week

The Duchess of Cambridge has released a public service announcement regarding the stigma surrounding mental health especially for youth.  This is part of the UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week which is led by Place2Be.

Mental Health For Athletes: Open Door Policy is a Crucial Step, but What’s Next?

One professional swimmer writes that coaches should not only have an open door policy to talk about mental health and the day to day struggles of being a student athlete, but that coaches need to educate themselves on the professional mental health resources available to best help students.

Bipolar Risk Boosted by Accumulation of Rare Versions of Genes

After mapping the genome of 200 people who have families with history of bipolar, researchers have found that those with bipolar disorder have 6 rare genes that are crucial in creating the action potential in neurons. The varied rates of firing is the next topic for research.

Depression Isn’t Always What You Think: The Subtle Signs

This Forbes article looks at the more subtle signs of depression including lashing out, perfectionism, guilt and self medicating. Recognizing the symptoms and asking for help is what #StigmaFighters do.

Where Are the Mental-Health Providers?

SAMHSA reports that more Americans are seeking treatment, but there currently are not enough treatment providers, specifically psychiatrists, to fulfill the growing demand. To meet this problem, the field is innovating with team based approaches, peer specialists, community health centers, and new technology.