Emerging Scholars Fellowship

Meet Our 2016 Emerging Scholars Fellowship Class

class of 2016

We’re excited to introduce you to the Class of 2016 for our Emerging Scholars Fellowship, an Active Minds program that grants funding to young researchers studying mental health.

Throughout the next five months, the scholars will be sharing their research updates on the blog, so make sure to check back continuously!

Let’s meet our superstars:

alfred delena_squareAlfred Delena, Stanford University
Research project: Examining the lived experience of well-being among first-generation, low-income undergraduate students of color at highly selective universities.

Alfred Delena is a 5th year undergraduate senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, along with both a Minor and Honors in Education at Stanford University. As a Human Biology major, Alfred’s area of concentration focuses on Psychological and Educational Approaches to Understanding the Health, Well-being, and Resilience of the Developing Human. Alfred is one of our 2016 Stephen C. Rose Legacy Scholars. Read more about Alfred’s background and research.

corey falls_squareCorey Falls, Loyola University Maryland
Research project: Bridging the gap in literature regarding cyberbullying, specifically on social media, and to discover the relationship between anonymous social media and cyberbullying.

Corey Falls is an undergraduate sophomore studying for her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at Loyola University Maryland. She plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. Corey wants to contribute to research and knowledge on cyberbullying. Read more about Corey’s background and research.

janelle goodwill_squareJanelle Goodwill, MSW, University of Michigan
Research project: Synthesis of current and previous suicidality literature pertinent to the experience of young black men, in the hopes to identify gaps present within this literature and use these findings to inform and develop mental health promotion interventions for young black men.

Janelle R. Goodwill is a first-year PhD student in the Joint-program in Social Work and Psychology at the University of Michigan. Her work focuses primarily on black men’s experiences with mental health, with specific interest in studying issues related to depression, suicidality, and spirituality. In exploring these topics, Janelle plans to debunk myths typically associated with mental health among underserved populations and communities of color. Read more about Janelle’s background and research.

Photo on 3-30-15 at 22.55 #4Cai Guo, Dickinson College
Research project: Examining whether being exposed to negative weight stereotypes leads to greater internalization of weight bias, and whether cognitive dissonance can buffer this effect.

Cai is currently a senior at Dickinson College, PA. He will be a PhD student in psychology in Fall 2016. He is interested in social categorization, stereotype, and stigma. He is also interested in the intersection of psychology and philosophy, especially how the understanding of concepts can influence behavior. Read more about Cai’s background and research.

quintin hunt_squareQuintin Hunt, MS, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Research project: Examining suicidal ideation and protective factors in trans youth.

Quintin is a second-year PhD student in Family Social Science, specializing in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Quintin has been clinically active as a Marriage and Family Therapist throughout his graduate career and much of his research interests stem from issues he sees clinically. Namely, he sees a great need for youth to be able to turn to their families for emotional support. Read more about Quintin’s background and research.

matt kridel_squareMatthew Kridel, University of South Alabama
Research project: Using The Healthy Minds Study to further establish evidence for the impact of Active Minds on college campuses by examining three variables: mental health literacy, stigma and help-seeking behavior. 

Matt is in his second year of the Clinical/Counseling Psychology doctoral program at the University of South Alabama. Originally from Ohio, Matt received his B.A. in psychology from Gannon University. While there he became involved in Active Minds and is currently a member of the national Student Advisory Committee. Read more about Matt’s background and research.

tao liu_squareTao Liu, MS, MA, Indiana University, Bloomington
Research project: Investigating how gendered racism is related to mental health among Asian American men.

Tao Liu is a fourth-year PhD student in Counseling Psychology at Indiana University, Bloomington. Prior to her doctoral study, she obtained two masters degrees in Child and Family Studies from the University of Tennessee and Mental Health Counseling from Boston College, respectively. Tao was born and raised in China, and feels her multicultural experiences inspired her research and clinical practice. Read more about Tao’s background and research.

heidi tuason_squareHeidi Tuason, MPH, University of California, Los Angeles
Research project: Aiming to uncover stories of mental health challenges and stigma in the Filipino community among students at UCLA, using the methodology of digital storytelling and story circles.

Heidi is a third-year DrPH student at UCLA in Community Health with minors in Asian American Studies and Health Policy and Management. For the past 9 years, she has been working as a Community Health Planner with various non-profit community-based organizations serving immigrant communities of color in the areas of education access, social justice, & health. Heidi is one of our 2016 Stephen C. Rose Legacy Scholars.  Read more about Heidi’s background and research.