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Kognito Challenge Update: Save Lives and Raise Funds for Mental Health

Kognito SM ImageWe’re only one week into the Kognito Challenge, but we are already seeing amazing results!

Overall, 85 schools have reached more than 1,200 students via Kognito’s At Risk for College Students mental health simulation, which is free to all schools with Active Minds chapters until April 26. The online, interactive experience teaches participants how to identify and assist students in distress.

As of the time this post was written, 18 schools had completed the full Challenge, each training at least 20 students plus their Active Minds chapter advisor or Counseling Center Director. Those schools have earned a $250 credit toward their national fundraising goal for mental health awareness and the Active Minds movement.

There are still 12 spots left to become one of the first 30 schools to complete the Challenge and earn a fundraising credit. Here are a few creative approaches chapter members have taken to encourage participation:

UM Facebook Event1. Create a Facebook event for the Challenge and invite friends.

Active Minds at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and at the University of Pittsburgh have tapped into their social media networks to spread the word by creating Facebook events for the Challenge. The University of Michigan also created a short link for the training at

2. Send an e-mail to the school listserv.

Several schools have sent the Kognito simulation link to their campus listservs, inviting all students, staff, and faculty to complete the course

Jefferson Game Simulation3. Give out free food or candy in exchange.

Active Minds at Jefferson College re-branded their Kognito Challenge as a “Game Simulation Marathon” and distributed candy in a central area on campus as a way to draw students to their table and ask them to complete the simulation.

4. Incentivize with gift cards.

Several chapters are raffling off gift cards to participants. Contact the Chapters Team at if you would like assistance with choosing recipients from the participant list.

Kognito SM Image 25. Require RAs to take the course as part of their spring training.

Active Mind at Cabrini College is working on incorporating the Kognito simulation into spring RA training. To count for the competition, each RA needs to complete the course, so it is recommended that RAs bring their own laptops to the training or attend part of the course in a computer lab.

6. Team up with professors to provide extra credit.

The Department of Psychology at the University of Alabama is offering course credit to students who complete the simulation.

7. Incorporate it into your other programming.

The University of Pittsburgh is allowing participation in the Kognito Challenge to qualify students to be acknowledged as completing the chapter’s upcoming campus-wide mental health unity pledge.

There’s still plenty of time to get involved and train your peers to help students in distress! If you haven’t started yet, take the course today and share it with students on campus before the free course expires on April 26!

Contact the Chapters Team at for support.