Chapters 101

January Chapter of the Month: Active Minds at UCLA

11999046_1061565100521832_7075910831010947224_nThis month we highlight the stunning work of Active Minds at UCLA.  This chapter is one of just six celebrating ten years as a member of the Active Minds chapter network and have shown why they remain strong time and time again. They serve as a model for other chapters in our network and we’re happy to share just a few of the reasons that Active Mind at UCLA is making huge strides in campus mental health work:

 Featured on Buzzfeed:

Did you know that Buzzfeed recently had a Mental Health Week where they featured articles, videos, and stories about what it’s like to live with a mental illness? The Active Minds chapter at UCLA got some serious recognition for the video they created demonstrating What It’s Like to Hear “Just Get Better.” Check it out:

  1. Leading the way:


The chapter’s leadership team is unstoppable. Active Minds at UCLA has over 100 members in what they lovingly refer to as their “army of stigmafighters.” That can be a lot to manage, but the leadership team has it on lock. They organize by committees for Events, Workshops, and Education and shift priorities to adapt to the needs of the UCLA community as a whole. The committees are able to conquer challenges, respond to different communities, and keep the chapter running smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Programming with a purpose:


Active Minds at UCLA has literally dozens of programs that deserve their own featured place from Dueling with Dementors to their Mental Health Awareness Fair but one of our favorites is their Self Care Kits. When the chapter started this program the kits were intended to be stress less packs but decided to focus on self care and more holistic practices of wellness rather than just stress reduction. The hoped to encourage students to learn their own best self care practices by assembling kits with donated materials such as  cashew butter, water bottles, journals, bubbles, sleep masks, candles, small stuffed animals, marbles, crayons, play-doh and more.


  1. Fundraising prowess:


Winning the 2013-2014 Active Minds Fundraising Innovation Award wasn’t the peak for this team. The chapter continues to make big strides with the program they have continued to adapt and grow, the iSupport Bracelet Campaign. This campaign features handmade friendship bracelets that the chapter created to show love and support and to help build awareness for different mental health conditions. Each color was tied to a specific mental illness and each bracelet came with an information card so people could continue to learn more. They’ve upgraded their infrastructure, they’re reaching out to new markets, and they’re growing something that they know works. Active Minds at UCLA continues to raise over $1,000 a year with this method and has even helped create a guide to doing this program so other chapters can follow suit. Check it out!

Congratulations, Active Minds at UCLA, we continue to be impressed and inspired by your work and can’t wait to see what’s next this semester!