Introducing the Active Minds Healthy Campus Award


HealthyCampusFBI’m thrilled to announce to you all today the Active Minds Healthy Campus Award, a new initiative designed to celebrate U.S. colleges and universities that are going above and beyond in student health.

Far too often, student health becomes a public conversation only after a tragedy occurs. Furthermore, when success in campus health is celebrated, mental health is often ignored. This award honors schools that are taking a proactive approach to keeping students healthy.

The Healthy Campus Award recognizes institutions that not only offer access to quality healthcare, but take a comprehensive, public health approach to promoting and protecting the health of every student on campus. It champions institutions that give equal priority, attention and investment to both physical and mental well-being.

Up to five winning institutions will be named this October and showcased as part of a national media tour managed by a leading PR firm. Active Minds will also provide winners with press and promotional tools to celebrate their achievement.

Please help us spread the word to all deserving institutions. We’re particularly interested in getting campuses with Active Minds chapters to apply. If you think your school fits the bill, simply fill out the Phase 1 application by March 19. Invitations will be extended to a select number of leading applicants to submit additional information for Phase II. Winners will be notified in September and announced nationally in October.

Read more about the application process and complete the application today!

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