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Happy Anniversary to These Chapters!


Hey, #Stigmafighters! We have some exciting news to share. Recently, our Chapters Team learned that there are six chapters in our network celebrating 10 years of campus mental health awareness and advocacy as of this school year!

The following chapters have been registered with the national office for TEN YEARS as of this school year:

  • Dartmouth College (registered on 10/1/2005)
  • Ithaca College (registered on 10/1/2005)
  • Regis University (registered on 3/1/2006)
  • University of California at Los Angeles (registered on 4/1/2006)
  • University of Missouri at Columbia (registered on 9/1/2005)
  • University of South Florida at Tampa (registered on 1/1/2006)

Additionally, 36 chapters have been registered for FIVE YEARS as of this school year:

Argosy University, Inland Empire (4/1/2011)
Arizona State University (2/1/2011)
Bridgewater College (3/1/2011)
Brock University (11/1/2010)
Buffalo State College (10/1/2010)
College of the Desert (5/1/2011)
Concordia College (11/1/2010)
Eastern Michigan University (4/1/2011)
Georgia Southern University (5/1/2011)
Illinois Institute of Technology (9/1/2010)
Jacksonville State University (8/1/2010)
Johnson County Community College (2/1/2011)
Marriotts Ridge High School (2/1/2011)
Mercer University (6/1/2011)
Mount Hebron High School (5/1/2011)
Neumann University (2/2/2011)
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (6/1/2011)
Pacific University (10/1/2010)
Rhode Island College (10/1/2010)
Riverside CIty College (1/1/2011)
Simmons College (5/1/2011)
SUNY Oswego (12/1/2010)
Susquehanna University (5/1/2011)
Tompkins Cortland Community College (10/1/2010)
University of Cincinnati (3/1/2011)
University of Georgia at Athens (2/1/2011)
University of Indianapolis (10/1/2010)
University of Iowa (10/1/2010)
University of Maryland at College Park (Reactivated (2/1/2011)
University of Minnesota at Duluth (4/1/2011)
University of Toronto (10/1/2010)
University of Virginia (Reactivated 3/1/2011)
University of Wisconsin at Parkside (4/1/2011)
Washington and Lee University (9/1/2010)
Washington University at St. Louis (3/1/2011)
Wesleyan University (5/1/2011)

Congratulations to all of the above chapters! These are incredible milestones, and we have been looking forward to sharing them with the rest of the network. Thank you for all of your great work to further our mission and movement to change the conversation about mental health on campuses across the globe!

Your chapter anniversary is particularly meaningful to celebrate on your own campus and an opportunity to renew chapter bonding, pride, and appreciation for the chapter’s history. Check out our ideas for celebrating your anniversary and contact us at if you’re curious about your own chapter’s registration date.

Curious about when your chapter was registered? Contact us at to find out.