Emerging Scholars Fellowship: The Journey Thus Far


Alfred is a researcher in the 2016 class of the Emerging Scholars Fellowship. Read blog updates from Alfred and his fellow scholars here.

Today, I am going to show you a sneak peak of my journey up to this point. And let me just say that it has been filled with many highs and lows. (Note: This piece is more personal than academic.)

The following is a compilation of my emotional states and reactions since the start of research process.

  1. Getting into the Education Honors Program (& realizing that a thesis will be written!!). #WHAT

  1. Summer (trying to focus on developing a research project while doing a summer internship and getting nowhere with it). #ShakingMyHead

  1. Jumping right into Bing Honors College, a three week-long program that gives honors students a head start on developing/continuing their thesis projects before the quarter begins. #ReadySetGo

  1. Hesitantly diving into the literature because I’m still uncertain about the direction of my research and feeling overwhelmed. #SOS

  1. Fall Quarter: Facing and overcoming obstacles that were ready to pounce – (a) challenges with IRB, (b) finding and solidifying an on-campus advisor, (c) writing and submitting a 50+ page draft of the first three chapters (introduction, literature review, and methodology), and (d) participant recruitment. #PowerThrough

  1. Winter Break. #Relaxation&Rejuvenation

  1. When selected as an Active Minds Emerging Scholar… #Yay

… And when matched with Professor Corey Keyes! #StillInShock

  1. Solidifying population sample: reducing and deliberating based on a series of variables (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, first-generation status, socioeconomic background, year, measures of well-being). #DecisionsDecisions

  1. Interviews! Interviews! Interviews! #Incoming #SoManyInterviews

  1. End of Winter Quarter: finals week + lack of sleep + unhealthy eating + stress overload = defeat response #SoMuchWork #Overwhelmed #Breakdown

  1. The Beginning of the End… #CountdownInitiated

In highlighting some of the major points in my journey, I do want to emphasize the wide range of emotions that come with these experiences. I was motivated to do this because based on my experience, the personal process of doing research isn’t something that people talk about. Reflecting on this process plays an important role because there have been times when I have felt defeated and unmotivated to keep moving forward.

However, when I reflect on the process, I feel grounded and reconnected to the purpose of why I am doing this research. It enables me to pause and look back at how far I have come.

With less than two months to go, the end is coming to a close. Will I be able to get there? What lies around the corner? While I don’t have the answers right now, stay tuned! More on this in weeks to come!

Until then.

Take Care and Go Well,