Emerging Scholars Fellowship

Emerging Scholars Fellowship: Not the End, But the Beginning!

Matt is a researcher in the 2016 class of the Emerging Scholars Fellowship. Read blog updates from Matt and his fellow scholars here.

There’s a central tenet in science that you cannot prove anything, but rather, you can only disprove something.

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Confusing, I know.

While this may seem disheartening at first (who likes being wrong?), I actually find it to be one of the most beautiful things about doing research.

Essentially, we make our findings stronger when we try to disprove them, but are unable to do so. And what this means is that as long as there is a way to try and disprove an idea (and there are essentially infinite ways), then the work is never done!

Even though I am coming to the end of my time as an Emerging Scholar, this is only the beginning of the research I set out to do. While I don’t have my results quite yet (I’ll share those in a later blog post), being a part of this experience has only reaffirmed my belief that science should remain a fundamental part of the college student mental health movement.

golden science gifAt first you may feel like this dog. Science can be confusing, between all the numbers and questions and tools and ideas. But even the most experienced, smartest scientists are always learning how to do science. Find a mentor, professor, or someone at your school who is experienced in research. Ask questions and propose ideas. Read books and papers online. Watch TED talks. E-mail leaders in the field; many of them are actually willing to help!

By asking the right questions and getting the best answers we can, we can help college students – and all those living with mental illness – to achieve the best mental health they can. All through the power of…