Chapter Summer Tips for a Successful Year Ahead


Alexander Graham Bell (you know, the guy that invented the telephone) once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” He was a pretty successful guy, so it might be best to prepare for this upcoming year in order to have a great year on your campus!

In order to help you out, the Active Minds Student Advisory Committee and National office have a few tips to help keep you active this summer so you can hit the ground running as soon as school begins!

Chapter Summer Success Tip #1


Make at least one goal to accomplish this year. It can be anything from holding the biggest event your chapter has ever planned to increasing your membership, or even collaborating on an event with other student organizations. Whatever it is, don’t forget to map out smaller, reachable goals to help you stay on track!

Chapter Summer Success Tip #2


Have an orientation meeting with your officers to make sure everyone is on the same page! In order to prepare for the hectic beginning of the year, have the executive board meet over the summer in person or via Google Hangout. You can meet to go over expectations, school event policies, and plan out a calendar of events for the year!

Chapter Summer Success Tip #3


Keep track of dates! Make a calendar for everyone with national dates (like National Day Without Stigma, Suicide Prevention Month, Active Minds National Conference, etc), tentative meeting times, and other important events. These can definitely change, but planning ahead and knowing when things are coming is helpful!

Chapter Summer Success Tip #4


Keep your social media pages active by posting something every couple days or so. Need an idea? Make sure you’re following all of our Active Minds pages and share something that we post!


Chapter Summer Success Tip #5


Put on your detective hat and search for some fun, new things to try and people to try them with! Maybe it’s a program in the Active Minds programming bank, a fundraising idea, a grant to apply for, or a student organization you could collaborate with on a program this year. You never know what you might find!

Follow these tips so you’re prepared and ready to hit the ground running this fall. Make this your best year yet, #stigmafighter!