Chapters 101

Chapter Success Tips for Summer

Welcome to summer! While you soak up the sun and relax after all the hard work you have put in this past year, remember there is always more that can be done.

We are so proud of your dedication to fighting stigma and changing the conversation about mental health. In order to have the best year ever, you have to prepare yourself for success. We have 10 tips for you to pave your path to success and plan for another great year at your chapter!

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1. Create a tentative timeline for the year:

Tip1_Staying Active Summer

2. Hold a board retreat:

Tip2_Staying Active Summer

3. Take time to learn your school’s event policies:

Tip3_Staying Active Summer

4. Check our Active Minds program bank:

Tip4_Staying Active Summer

5. Keep your social media pages active:

Tip5_Staying Active Summer

6. Make schedules of national awareness events and what you need each year:

Tip6_Staying Active Summer

7. Start brainstorming general meeting ideas:

Tip7_Staying Active Summer

8. Reach out to organizations you are interesting in partnering with:

Tip8_Staying Active Summer

9. Get crafty! Make some things to sell to raise money:

Tip9_Staying Active Summer

10. Look for grants to apply for:

Tip10_Staying Active Summer

Take advantage of the time you have this summer! Get planning and get a lot of work done. Capitalize on the summer and gear up for the best year ever. Follow some or all of these tips and your chapter will be ready to take the year by storm.