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Bring Home the Bacon: Fundraising Ideas for the Spring Semester

EasyPeasyFundraising2With the school year winding down, you’re looking for some quick ideas that can help you reach your fundraising goal. Well, you’re in luck. Read on to learn more about our Easy-Peasy Fundraisers, packed with great ideas to incorporate into your current programming and become the fundraising superstar we know you are!

Letter Writing Campaign (Time Sensitive: March)

In March 2000, Brian Malmon lost his life to suicide — prompting his only sibling, and our founder, Alison, to take action to change the conversation about mental health. And with a lot of determination (and just a few resources), Active Minds was created in a cramped dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania.

Write letters to friends and family to share a little background on the founding of Active Minds and the impact it has had on your life. Keep mind:

  • Set a goal for each chapter member to send 5-10 letters
  • Encourage chapter members to add a personal note to each letter
  • Explain the significance of March and Brian’s passing in the organization’s history
  • Ask for a specific donation amount (even $20 adds up quickly!)
  • Include the link to your chapter’s fundraising page or a printed copy of the donation form to mail in with checks

Stress Less Week (Time Sensitive: April 13th-17th) Consider charging a little for things you were planning to offer for free. Hosting a stress-ball-creation station? Charge $1 to cover your costs and bring in a little cash! Passing out healthy brain food in the quad? Advertise a suggested donation. If you’re still brainstorming, check out our Stress Less Kit or consider these ideas:

  • Team up with a comedy club and charge admission or sell refreshments
  • Collaborate with an a capella group to create a Music-Grams program—students pay to send a single-song, live performance to a stressed out friend
  • Create a relaxing “Oasis” in your library where students can take a study break, listen to music, buy snacks or pay for a 5-minute massage (hint: get a masseuse to donate time)
  • Organize a “Pie Your Professor Day” and charge students a fee to throw a cream pie at their professor (with the professor’s permission…)

Restaurant Portion-of-Proceeds Fundraiser Got a favorite food joint near campus? Chat with the owner and schedule a night where the restaurant pledges to donate a percentage of that evening’s proceeds to your fundraising campaign. Logistics aren’t as complicated as you might think:

  • Schedule a date and time with the owner
  • Publicize on social media, post flyers around campus or put ads in your school paper
  • Setup and staff an info booth with flyers and merchandise during the event to answer any questions that come up
  • Provide the restaurant owner with the link to your chapter’s fundraising page or a printed donation form to mail in a check

Interested in more spring fundraising ideas? We’re sending out a whole bunch to the chapter network this week. If you haven’t already, subscribe today to get helpful information straight to your inbox!

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